War update! Putin Says “The Decision has been Made” and the Response Could Be Nuclear

The president of Russia was absolutely clear and left no room for misinterpretation: “The decision has been made,” he stressed. All of that and much more is in today’s video about the war and how it could go nuclear and very soon! Stay ready guys, prayed up and prepped up at all times!

Russia Bombs NATO Supplies Western Ukraine

US Sec. of Defense Accuses Russia

USA Says More aid Going to Ukraine

Putin’s Speech

Russia/Romania Front

Fundraiser for April 2022

One comment

  • My personal belief is that the World leaders Know that Something Non Man-made Event is Coming in the very near future and Each Major Power Country is Preparing for it Right Now, but Not Telling the Masses what’s really going to happen!!
    Each Country is Massing as Many People as possible to have As many Survivors as Possible from a Major Non Man-made Event…
    Example, Our borders are Wide Open Now and NOT ONE Politician is Actually doing anything about it except ALL Talk!!
    Putin is Securing As Many People as possible Over there….
    China is doing the Same thing,!!!
    Since 2005 ,…. The WEF, IMF and UN have been hard at work, While keeping Everyone’s Attention distracted….
    FEMA camps are Ready here in the united States
    Like Never before Seen in all of History
    We’re living Biblical Prophecy in Real Time
    Put all of this together…..
    What do you think 🤔
    Seriously Asking for everyone to give your opinion on this 💯💯
    The Massive Global Shift is undeniable….
    Seriously Consider this one…
    Be Ready for Anything folks 💯❤️🙏👍
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon

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