Ukraine is the Testing Ground for the WEF and the Great Reset!

Even in the middle of a war, the Great Reset presses on in Ukraine! And before you think Russia is good and Putin is a crusader, Russia has their OWN PLANS for the Great Reset and their people won’t like it. Below is an excerpt from one of the articles we will discuss on Ukraine, Russia and the Great Reset. From the

Ukraine is transferring citizens’ power to the state and handing it over to the WEF and other Supranational organizations.

A global system of totalitarian technocracy has arrived, and Ukraine has happily been globalists’ Great Reset Laboratory.

In the middle of a war, Ukraine has been stealthily working hard on being the first nation to implement virtually all the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset key hallmarks: Digital identity, Vaccination passports, Universal basic income (UBI), Chinese style Social credit scores which are all combined in their already operational Diia app. The country is transferring citizens’ power to the state and handing it over to the WEF and other Supranational organizations.

Here is today’s video on this very important subject. Don’t be fooled, the Great Reset complete with vax requirements, Universal basic income and total surveillance is here and it’s being implemented under the cover of actual war.

Ukraine Refuges’ have mysterious illness.

Deadly New Bird Flu

Russia’s Great Reset Plan

Secret US Biolabs

US program in Ukraine

Bitchute Version of Today’s Video

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  • Absolute Truth 💯

  • Hi Jonny, I yearn for the Millenial reign, and when it is here, I truly wish you are my next door neighbour. I dont know you, but I know your heart which is all that counts. Thank you for your diligence and work, its is much appreciated by all. Love you.

  • Thanks Johnny. I finally got my WordPress account working.
    Why is it taking them so long to implement this mess? They’ve been working on it for so many years. This is getting very disturbing to me. Trying to inform others when they have no clue is quite the challenge. Quite frankly… it’s wearing me out. I can see where this is heading but I’ve been watching for several years now. How can one enlighten others in a short time when it’s taken me so long to watch, decipher and figure out what’s going on? Getting frustrated and tired.
    I’ll continue praying for you…. Please pray for me. 🙏🏼♥️

  • The war created refugees. They don’t need birds or drones to spread it. They just used human beings.

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