The Biological Warfare Labs in Ukraine were Experimenting with NASTY Stuff!

In the video below you will hear from Francis Boyle, JD, professor of International Law at the University of Illinois, and the leading expert on biological weapons emphatically states that the labs found in Ukraine by Russian troops are funded and run by the USA. The thousands of scientists working in these labs all over the world he calls, Death Scientists.

These labs are very real and the US didn’t want the cat out of the bag but the mainstream media is trying to deny it and the dirt bags Marco Rubio and Victoria Nuland were trying to get out in front of the scandal! They’re trying to play this off as “experimental” labs where they were working on cures for things but the documents say quite the opposite. Here is the VERY SCRIPTED exchange between Rubio and Nuland.

Make no mistake these bio warfare labs were using designer viruses meaning they were harvesting Russian DNA to customize the killing potential of the bioweapons!

The United States has been doing the very things they’ve accused so many others of doing and now the new false flag will come from them and they will use it as a pretext to go to war with Russia directly. Then the killing really begins in earnest. The USA will be completely WIPED OUT in a nuclear exchange making the population of the USA prediction in 2025 (100 milion) very accurate.

Don’t forget I covered this way back in 2018 when the biolabs were exposed in the nation of Georgia, also on Russia’s borders. I also made a new video about it a couple of weeks ago with links to the older articles. That is below.

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  • If Most Americans knew ….. The Real Evil That Our So called Leadership has and is Doing….. They’d be Blown Away!!!
    Be Ready for ANYTHING Folks

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