Putin to the West: “Swift & Tough” Response Coming For Those Crossing ‘Red Line’

Yes I woke up at 145AM to watch this much hyped State of the Nation Address by President Vladimir Putin today, April 21st 2021. What were my bleary eyes and fuzzy head treated to? At first not much of anything but propaganda about how Russian doctors and scientists had defeated the virus and how the answer are the vaccines, blah blah blah. If you didn’t know Putin was sold out to the NWO shadow government you should know now! Putin was preaching the same line as the rest of them which is basically “trust our religion called science and take the damn shot”. He went on about the economy as well until he FINALLY talked about foreign affairs.

From Zerohedge: ” While he didn’t unveil any major moves in relation to he Ukraine or Belarus situations in his speech, he did have some interesting things to say about attempts to “organize a coup in Belarus” – which is something “the West is silent on…”.

The New York Times summarized of this moment of Putin’s annual address to the nation:

“Now in his third decade in power, Mr. Putin, 68, appears more convinced than ever of his special, historic role as the father of a reborn Russian nation, fighting at home and abroad against a craven, hypocritical, morally decaying West.”

Below are some further key quotes from the speech on Foreign Policy

“We behave in a restrained, modest manner. Oftentimes we do not respond to outright rudeness; we want to have good relations. We are not looking to burn any bridges.”

I hope no one will think of crossing so-called ‘red lines’ against Russia, which we ourselves will define in each separate case. Russia’s response will be symmetrical, fast and tough. The organizers of any provocations threatening our core security interests will regret their actions more than they’ve regretted anything in a long time.”

“But now this practice is degenerating into something more dangerous — for example, an attempt to organize a coup in Belarus and an attempt to assassinate this country’s president…. The West is silent on this matter.”

“You can have any position on Lukashenko’s policies, but staging a goverment coup and planning the assassination of a head of state is too much.”

From Zerohedge

And on Biden’s recent sanctions

“It seems that everyone is already accustomed to the practice of imposing illegal, politically motivated sanctions, attempts to impose their will on others by force.”

On nuclear weapons and strategic deterrencehe said

“Russia once again urges its partners to discuss issues related to strategic weapons, possibly to create an environment of conflict-free coexistence.”

“Advanced weaponry in Russia’s nuclear triad that comprises strategic aircraft, intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear-powered missile-carrying submarines will top 88% this year.”

“The share of advanced weapons and hardware in the troops will make up almost 76% by 2024. This is a very good figure. In the nuclear triad, it will exceed 88% already this year.”

As you can see Putin gave no details on what Russia’s plans are for Ukraine except a warning to not cross any of Russia’s “red lines”. Putin did however talk about the attempted assassination of President Lukashenko of Belarus last weekend in which he said it was “too much”.

So when will it be “too much” and WW3 starts? That is up for debate but as I’ve said before Russia’s attack on Ukraine can happen anytime it chooses but most likely will begin by the end of May or beginning of June.

One thing everyone must remember is that Russians are chess players and they’re not going to reveal a ton of details on their plans in public. Putin is a former KGB spook so he’s not going to reveal their plans until they’re ready to execute those plans.

We are one incident away (plane gets shot down etc) from a full blown world war. Remember this isn’t the only hotspot in the world as we still have Israel/Iran, Taiwan and China, etc. so stay ready! Prayed up and prepped up at all times! I’m not talking about living in FEAR but rather in FAITH AND JOY because we are that much closer to Jesus Christ returning! Keep on living and keep on preparing but do it with gladness in your heart! The battle has already been won!

The entire speech can be found below.

The Address in its entirety

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  • Thank you Johnny for getting up in the middle of the night to report this. You truly are a watchman. I thank you and may God bless you and protect you and your family 💕🙏❤

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