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Russia, Belarus Hold Joint Paratrooper Drills, Poland Beefs up Security at Border

The tensions are running very high at the borders of Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine! War could break out as early as the weekend! Prayed up and prepped up! Here is my video report.

From Warnews247

Polish security forces are at the highest level of vigilance regarding the crisis on the border with Belarus, Polish President Andrei Duda said today.

“I assure you that Poland is ready to repel this action by the services of the Lukashenko regime. “Our border guard, the Polish army, the police and other services are at the highest level of vigilance ,” Duda said in a televised speech

Commitment from Turkish Airlines

At the same time, a spokesman for the Polish presidency stressed that Turkish Airlines had pledged not to transfer citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen on its flights to the Belarusian capital, Minsk.

“Turkish Airlines has confirmed that it will no longer accept Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni nationals on flights to Minsk, with the exception of holders of diplomatic passports,” the spokesman said on Twitter.

Belarus is mobilizing an army on the border with Poland

Belarus is reportedly gathering additional forces on its border with Poland amid escalating “immigration crisis”, which the country’s dictator Lukashenko may have instigated.

A video released shows military vehicles concentrated in Grodno, in the northeast of the country, from where, in theory, Poland and Lithuania could be hit. Other sources make it clear that the practice was aimed at other parts of the country.

At the same time, Western member states of the UN Security Council condemned Belarus for escalating the crisis with Poland. According to international media, thousands of migrants from the Middle East, many of them Kurds (!) Have camped near the border hoping to cross into Poland.

Most immigrants are… strangely, men although there are a few women and children. Strangely enough, the migrants are equipped with crowbars and wire cutters to cut the barbed wire that the Poles have developed along the border. Source

Below is some coverage I found from the BBC this morning.

Also here is more confrontations between Polish and Belarusian forces as Belarusian troops shine lasers at the Polish forces!

Prayed up and prepped up guys! I will keep my eyes on this one! Keep checking back to this post for updates!

CBS Report

Warnews247 Report

BBC report

Russia Belarus Joint Drills

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Within ‘spitting distance’ of Europe’s doorstep, the Russian show of strength covers over 1,200 miles and is being monitored closely by concerned NATO allies

From the Mirror.

Huge Russian war games kicked off today on Europe’s doorstep – involving some 200,000 troops – in a massive show of strength by Vladimir Putin.

The Zapad-2021 military drills include Belarus and run north to south from the Baltic to the borders of Ukraine amid fears of flashpoints along east-west frontiers.

But Putin’s forces are also staging simultaneous major war games in the Arctic after completing on Thursday separate large-scale joint exercises in ex-Soviet republics bordering strife-torn Afghanistan.

The Zapad-2021 – or West-2021 – exercises involve a total of 200,000 troops, 80 warplanes and helicopters, plus some 760 pieces of military equipment including 290 tanks, and 240 artillery pieces, multiple launcher rocket systems, and mortars.

The joint exercises with landlocked Belarus – which borders three NATO countries – come amid a significant step towards Russia swallowing up its westerly neighbour after talks between Putin and Minsk dictator Alexander Lukashenko.

Russia Launches HUGE war games right next to Europe!

As I asked earlier today, interesting timing don’t you think? Just as everyone is distracted by the new Illegal mandates from Joe Biden, here comes Russia with over 200,000 troops, 80 aircraft, tons of artillery and more right on Europe’s doorstep.

I say be ready for anything this weekend. It may pass and nothing happens but there is so much evil in the air again tonight that you can almost cut it with a knife. We had another evil red sunrise this morning and the last few days have been filled with smoke. It is taking it’s toll on my lungs the last couple of days so its been a bit less broadcasting from me. I will continue to use the website to get the news out as always!

Sunrise 9-10-21

God bless and stay strong! Jesus is coming back soon!

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Putin to the West: “Swift & Tough” Response Coming For Those Crossing ‘Red Line’

Yes I woke up at 145AM to watch this much hyped State of the Nation Address by President Vladimir Putin today, April 21st 2021. What were my bleary eyes and fuzzy head treated to? At first not much of anything but propaganda about how Russian doctors and scientists had defeated the virus and how the answer are the vaccines, blah blah blah. If you didn’t know Putin was sold out to the NWO shadow government you should know now! Putin was preaching the same line as the rest of them which is basically “trust our religion called science and take the damn shot”. He went on about the economy as well until he FINALLY talked about foreign affairs.

From Zerohedge: ” While he didn’t unveil any major moves in relation to he Ukraine or Belarus situations in his speech, he did have some interesting things to say about attempts to “organize a coup in Belarus” – which is something “the West is silent on…”.

The New York Times summarized of this moment of Putin’s annual address to the nation:

“Now in his third decade in power, Mr. Putin, 68, appears more convinced than ever of his special, historic role as the father of a reborn Russian nation, fighting at home and abroad against a craven, hypocritical, morally decaying West.”

Below are some further key quotes from the speech on Foreign Policy

“We behave in a restrained, modest manner. Oftentimes we do not respond to outright rudeness; we want to have good relations. We are not looking to burn any bridges.”

I hope no one will think of crossing so-called ‘red lines’ against Russia, which we ourselves will define in each separate case. Russia’s response will be symmetrical, fast and tough. The organizers of any provocations threatening our core security interests will regret their actions more than they’ve regretted anything in a long time.”

“But now this practice is degenerating into something more dangerous — for example, an attempt to organize a coup in Belarus and an attempt to assassinate this country’s president…. The West is silent on this matter.”

“You can have any position on Lukashenko’s policies, but staging a goverment coup and planning the assassination of a head of state is too much.”

From Zerohedge

And on Biden’s recent sanctions

“It seems that everyone is already accustomed to the practice of imposing illegal, politically motivated sanctions, attempts to impose their will on others by force.”

On nuclear weapons and strategic deterrencehe said

“Russia once again urges its partners to discuss issues related to strategic weapons, possibly to create an environment of conflict-free coexistence.”

“Advanced weaponry in Russia’s nuclear triad that comprises strategic aircraft, intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear-powered missile-carrying submarines will top 88% this year.”

“The share of advanced weapons and hardware in the troops will make up almost 76% by 2024. This is a very good figure. In the nuclear triad, it will exceed 88% already this year.”

As you can see Putin gave no details on what Russia’s plans are for Ukraine except a warning to not cross any of Russia’s “red lines”. Putin did however talk about the attempted assassination of President Lukashenko of Belarus last weekend in which he said it was “too much”.

So when will it be “too much” and WW3 starts? That is up for debate but as I’ve said before Russia’s attack on Ukraine can happen anytime it chooses but most likely will begin by the end of May or beginning of June.

One thing everyone must remember is that Russians are chess players and they’re not going to reveal a ton of details on their plans in public. Putin is a former KGB spook so he’s not going to reveal their plans until they’re ready to execute those plans.

We are one incident away (plane gets shot down etc) from a full blown world war. Remember this isn’t the only hotspot in the world as we still have Israel/Iran, Taiwan and China, etc. so stay ready! Prayed up and prepped up at all times! I’m not talking about living in FEAR but rather in FAITH AND JOY because we are that much closer to Jesus Christ returning! Keep on living and keep on preparing but do it with gladness in your heart! The battle has already been won!

The entire speech can be found below.

The Address in its entirety


Refueling Over Wake Island

The US Military has been pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into Wake Island in the Pacific over the past decade, especially over the past 3 years. This is part of the missile defense shield as well as a major base for the USAF and US Navy. This buildup has been kept very quiet while the focus of attention has been on the US/China trade deals and tariffs.

KITV News in Hawaii did a report on Wake Island and the buildup back in 2019. Here’s some of what they had to say.

“Now Wake is at the forefront of a new military buildup in the North Pacific. A review of federal contracting information and defense industry press releases confirm that the United States government has committed hundreds of millions of dollars for work at Wake in the past few years.

Lt. Col. Rebecca Corbin, commander of the Alaska-based 611th Civil Engineering Squadron, acknowledged in an email that a military buildup is underway at Wake.

“The increased activity in recent times is not an illusion,” she wrote. “There are indeed a lot of changes happening on that small atoll.”

The Pacific Air Force Regional Support Center is “pouring a lot of investment into the infrastructure and the contracted support to that location,” she wrote, including a new contract that will manage airfield operations, accommodations for workers and public works projects.”

The Drive.com just completed a very comprehensive look at Wake Island and the buildup has been considerable!

“The Pentagon has been pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into the secretive strategic stronghold in recent years. These expenditures have included the apron and runway improvements, as well as a large solar farm that can be seen in the western area of the island in the recent satellite photo. It’s more likely than not that even more investment into the island’s infrastructure will be made in the near term as rising tensions with China, North Korea, and Russia have reinvigorated the strategic importance of the remote base.

Beyond its clear logistical utility, acting as a major hub where there isn’t another for thousands of miles, it sits outside the range of China’s and North Korea’s medium-range ballistic missiles, and largely at the end, if not entirely out of range, of their intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBMs). Guam, which is situated about 1,500 miles further west, is well within the range of these weapons.

During the opening stages of a major conflict with China, America’s bases that are within range of these missiles would be overwhelmed by them, at the very least knocking bases like Kadena in Okinawa out of commission for a substantial period of time. These strikes would likely be layered with cruise missile attacks, making them harder to defend against and upping the odds that Beijing could neuter American airpower throughout the region in the opening exchanges of a conflict.

Guam, which hosts a key U.S. naval base and the sprawling Andersen Air Force Base, would be targeted as well, although at greater range. This island has a THAAD missile battery that has been in place for years to fend-off ballistic missile attacks specifically, but the sheer numbers a foe like China can fire at the island makes defending it a highly dubious exercise. Rebuffing more limited attacks from a foe like North Korea is far more relevant to the island’s defenses. Other airfields in the Marianas Island Chain, or within the MRBM and IRBM range in general, are even more vulnerable.”

Meanwhile the US Navy has sent in 2 US aircraft carrier groups into the South China Sea to emphasize their point of freedom of navigation in the region. This video report says that up to 1,000 ships will be in the region soon if they’re not already there.

Ladies and gents time is SHORT! Seek Jesus Christ NOW while you can!