Russia, Belarus Hold Joint Paratrooper Drills, Poland Beefs up Security at Border

The tensions are running very high at the borders of Belarus, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine! War could break out as early as the weekend! Prayed up and prepped up! Here is my video report.

From Warnews247

Polish security forces are at the highest level of vigilance regarding the crisis on the border with Belarus, Polish President Andrei Duda said today.

“I assure you that Poland is ready to repel this action by the services of the Lukashenko regime. “Our border guard, the Polish army, the police and other services are at the highest level of vigilance ,” Duda said in a televised speech

Commitment from Turkish Airlines

At the same time, a spokesman for the Polish presidency stressed that Turkish Airlines had pledged not to transfer citizens of Iraq, Syria and Yemen on its flights to the Belarusian capital, Minsk.

“Turkish Airlines has confirmed that it will no longer accept Iraqi, Syrian and Yemeni nationals on flights to Minsk, with the exception of holders of diplomatic passports,” the spokesman said on Twitter.

Belarus is mobilizing an army on the border with Poland

Belarus is reportedly gathering additional forces on its border with Poland amid escalating “immigration crisis”, which the country’s dictator Lukashenko may have instigated.

A video released shows military vehicles concentrated in Grodno, in the northeast of the country, from where, in theory, Poland and Lithuania could be hit. Other sources make it clear that the practice was aimed at other parts of the country.

At the same time, Western member states of the UN Security Council condemned Belarus for escalating the crisis with Poland. According to international media, thousands of migrants from the Middle East, many of them Kurds (!) Have camped near the border hoping to cross into Poland.

Most immigrants are… strangely, men although there are a few women and children. Strangely enough, the migrants are equipped with crowbars and wire cutters to cut the barbed wire that the Poles have developed along the border. Source

Below is some coverage I found from the BBC this morning.

Also here is more confrontations between Polish and Belarusian forces as Belarusian troops shine lasers at the Polish forces!

Prayed up and prepped up guys! I will keep my eyes on this one! Keep checking back to this post for updates!

CBS Report

Warnews247 Report

BBC report

Russia Belarus Joint Drills

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