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Peruvian Villagers Report Attacks by 7ft Armoured Aliens Resembling Green Goblin from Spider-Man

ashtray with an alien toy inside

From MSN.com and Z News Service

Terrified villagers in a rural district of Alto Nanay, north-east of Lima, Peru, claim they are under attack by 7ft tall armoured aliens that bear a striking resemblance to the Green Goblin from Spider-Man. According to the locals, these extraterrestrial beings have large heads and yellowish eyes, and they have been launching nightly attacks on the community since 11 July.

One alarming incident involved a 15-year-old girl who was reportedly grabbed from behind and had her neck cut when she resisted. The community members are living in fear, unable to sleep peacefully due to the constant threat.

Telegram Link: https://t.me/dntspk/8531

Some villagers have likened the aliens to “pelacaras,” strange beings believed to feast on human fat and organs.

Authorities have visited the area and toured the village perimeter, including the location of the alleged attack on the teenager. However, it is unclear if any evidence was found to support the villagers’ claims or if the government plans to deploy military personnel to the area for an extended period. Source

Johnny’s commentary

All I can say to that story for now is “as in the days of Noah”. During those times they had to deal with many different nephelim hybrids thanks to the fallen angels teaching mankind how to splice genes and mix species as they’re doing today. These are “space aliens” but either laboratory nightmares released or interdimensional beings that have broken through to our side.

I would count on seeing much more of this stuff as the mainstream keeps pushing the fake alien invasion narrative. That’s the only way this kind of story makes it to MSN or all places. Prayed up and prepped up! These things will run at the name of Jesus Christ spoken out loud by a believer!

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The Unseen Realm- documentary film with Dr. Michael S Heiser

The unseen realm is a book I’ve had for several years now. I can’t begin to tell you how much it helped me with my research into the spiritual world and spiritual warfare.

Today, as I was doing more research on spiritual warfare, I came across this video which happens to be a documentary based on the very book that I’ve been using for my research! This film is very important and has a lot of information that people need in order to understand God‘s complete plan for the redemption of mankind.

For example, unless you understand the supernatural world of the Old Testament, you’ll never understand why God had the Israelites slaughter all the people they encountered in the promised land. You see unless you understand that the land was occupied by Giants then you’ll never understand why everyone had to be killed.

God couldn’t allow with the bloodline of the Messiah to be corrupted by the giant, or Nephilim DNA. That’s why the Israelites had to slaughter everyone who was occupying the land God had promised them. For some of you, all of this will seem like old hat, but for others of you, a lot of this may be new and some of it may be shocking. Please share this with your loved one’s and fellow believers who need help to understand these issues.