Why I can’t support the sound of freedom movie

Did you know that Timothy Ballard has now resigned from operation Underground Railroad ? Gee doesn’t that seem strange, after all of the media publicity he’s been soliciting for himself and the Underground Railroad?

If Carlos Slim is a sponsor of this project that should stop you in your tracks and make you do some digging. Of course this subject needs to be exposed but we need to be careful about who we follow and make sure they’re legit.

From my telegram account.

It’s quite simple— they’re are no “good guys”

“Sound of Freedom” is a Catholic/Masonic joint-venture movie (pysop) tasked with desensitizing the masses to human trafficking and peadophilia

You are being programmed to accept that someone is fighting it— when in reality it will always exist

It has existed since the beginning of time

“Whoever steals a man and sells him, and anyone found in possession of him, shall be put to death”
Exodus 21:16

Anyone who speaks out on the movie or the actors involved will be considered “okay with sex trafficking”

Hollywood style mass media manipulation at its finest— Project Mockingbird

Original Post: https://t.me/navigatingthelies/5037

Tim Ballard: https://t.me/navigatingthelies/5100

Jim Caviezel: https://t.me/navigatingthelies/4815

Mel Gibson: https://t.me/navigatingthelies/4613

Luciferian Symbolism: https://t.me/navigatingthelies/5040

There you go now go do some research. Blessings to you all.


  • Controlled opposition? There is no salvation for those who teach the little ones to sin.

  • Johnny, I knew this was another mass deception. I emailed Paul from off grid desert farming when he put up a video recommending this movie. I sent him some information and he came out a few days later saying he had made a mistake.

    This whole thing has got me grieving for all those who are being deceived. It’s just getting worse and worse. So many deceived by the vaccine and now this…

    You have always been someone with eyes to see and ears to hear and I’m grateful more than you know for all you share with those of us who want the truth.. I pray for us to have the strength both spiritually and physically in these evil times. God bless you and keep you safe . Much love sent your way from your sister in Christ…. Raven 🙏💙

  • Stirring the Hornets Nest!
    Soldier On Brother 💪💪💪
    Be Not Deceived, Like The Apostle Paul States, Several times,…
    I was Feeling strange about this one Myself
    There’s Way to Much Attention To The Wow factor!!
    Then, Politicians, Including the ” Trump Train ”
    After I saw him Involved,..
    Nothing felt Right About it!
    Great Work Brother 👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Get Ready for Some Back Lash !
    The Holy Spirit Doesn’t Make Mistakes
    Love and Prayers always brother 🙏

  • This brother has been involved on raising awareness and getting snubbed by big name churches.
    Also did a great write up on this movie.
    YES, it is a psy-ops.
    Micah 3:3, Ps14 and 53 speak of cannibalism.
    Think abromovich and her spirit cooking.
    Oh how i despise the lying 501c3 churches that have failed the sheep. Yes there is a remnant of few good ones.
    Every pastor (in America) should read Ezekiel 34, fast and repent.
    For the Lord is telling his messengers of a horrific judgment to be unleashed soon.
    He has confirmed to me 4 times last week. His anger over human trafficking, especially children is about to light up many people!
    Repent joel olsteen,Kenneth copeland and all you reprobates.

  • Helen Alvesteffer

    I agree Johnny 100 % I knew when it came out I didn’t want to watch it i know what goes on unfortunately ..you confirmed this for sure..yes it’s gone on and will go on..evil will do what it takes..God is the only one who can and will take care of it. Take care and wishing you and yours good health and protection!!

  • I have tried for decades to bring this subject matter to light. All of yiu are missing the point. The point is this is happening. I am shocked any of yiu would respond the way yiu have. My God what do you folks need to believe human trafficking exists. I have lost respect

    • You have completely misunderstood what we are all saying… Of course we know what’s been happening. But there is something much deeper going on.. do your research and pray for discernment. I don’t know how much clearer Johnny could have been..

    • I will apologize for my harsh response but I stand by my convictions. I have talked about child sex trafficking and it’s a subject that destroys my soul every time. I must expose those who seek to exploit the issue for personal gain and may be actually trafficking kids themselves!!! Carlos slim is down with that for sure. Look at the info before you jump down our throats.

  • The fact that Everyone is Bickering about this is Astounding to me!
    Folks, The level of Deception is Astounding
    Yes! The Evil is Beyond Comprehension
    But, The last thing we should be doing is Bickering,…
    John just gave everyone a Roadmap for Researching it..
    Agree to Disagree and Soldier On Together Anyway!
    Love and Prayers always brother 💯🙏
    Soldier On 💪💪 💪

    • That’s the first comment I saw after getting home from the hospital and it set me off. I didn’t have to take the time to do anything when I was up there for 3 days and I guess I shouldn’t have.

      • Your frustrations are completely understandable Johnny..with all your dealing with and all the work you put into bringing us the truth. 🙏💙

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