The Voice of God Weapons and MK Ultra Programming

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Make no mistake the intelligence agencies and militaries of the world CAN DO THIS NOW, this isn’t something that’s coming “down the road” as the mainstream media would like you to believe. The powers that be have been working on these weapons for over a century now and they really gained ground during and after WW2.

MK Ultra was just the beginning and was the cover program for many other sub programs. Those of you who follow this website know that MK Ultra research has become a big part of what I do. The reason for that is simple, the mind control programs are where the REAL wars lie, the spiritual war and the psychological war. That is the war the enemy is winning and why the world has gone crazy the last 10 years. I will put links to more of my research below.

Nanotechnology, Cybernetic Hive minds, artificial intelligence and mind control

Programmed: American Folklore

MK Ultra Dark Labs and Brain Sculpting Vaccines

US Military Creating Voices out of thin air

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Bitchute Video Link

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  • And they are a little ahead of what we know, so the stuff the have now is even better.

  • Prayer request: please pray God strengthen me. My life has been an absolute disaster against God. I believe God opened my eyes in mid to late 2022. I am reading God’s word, trying to die to self daily, repenting, praying, quoting scripture, singing, etc. I see the evil and lies of everything. I am a new believer and feel a bit scared, alone and overwhelmed. I know Jesus is the only way. I did not take the jab. I ache for fellowship!

    • Request granted! Thank you for commenting and please know that you’re never alone! I feel that way myself at times and it can be scary especially when things are new! However have no doubt that God has given you the grace to see that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! You’ve been called and chosen for this time. Blessings to you and welcome to the family!

      • Thanks so much, Johnny! I really needed that encouragement! Can you recommend any pastor/teacher who really knows what’s going on that I can learn more about God’s word from? I’m worried about getting wrong teaching. I am trying to live the narrow path.

      • Yes as a matter of fact I’m going to share this with the entire website soon, but here is a link to an excellent channel:

  • Thanks so much! I’ll check it out!

  • i think youve got a very, , , solid, seems to be , real christian channel here, , so far ive just begun, looking at it, , thank you, , theres a lot of folks out here real word, just like laurie, , , tons of scare stuff, and tons of false doctrines, , and even , channels exposing the fake churches forever duh, but none talk to us believers, and help us all to , understand, and, get more into the word of god., , i saved this chan. to favorites, , i dont know how you came upon it, , , but it deffinitly, , just seems solid, real brother, in christ,, , no agendas, , thank you, for , both knowing this and , recommending to laurie, and sharing with all of us.,, again i just , beginng to look into, this channel thanks to you,, seems like pearls, of wisdom, ,, not like, most , forever., , god bless you johnny,

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