Massive Ecological Disaster Being COVERED UP in Ohio, Oh but look at the UFOS…

fire fighter wearing black and yellow uniform pointing for something

Always ask yourself what are they distracting you from. While I do believe they’re using “UFOs” to set up the fake alien invasion but they are also distracting you from Ohio, Turkey, and other disasters around the world that are ongoing. Today’s video should be called “Disaster and Distraction”.

I also discuss the WHO that says the bird flu will be the next pandemic and how humans will power the 6G that’s already here!

WARNING! The video below has harsh language and anger in it so ear muffs for the children!


Bitchute Link to my video

Rumble Version of my video

Main Article on Cover up

HAZMAT Handling seems fishy

WHO Says Bird Flu is Next Pandemic

Nanobot video

Humans as 6G power source

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One comment

  • And To Realize that….. ALL of this….
    Is Biblical Proportion Prophecy Indeed brother 💯

    C.H.R.I.S.T. and S.A.T.A.N. Indeed 💯

    Be Ready for Anything folks…

    If anyone doesn’t want to believe the Bible…

    Just Watch the Movies and Series Over the last 30 years!!!

    “” Here We Go… “”…. . Indeed

    Remember to Pray for all of the people who have been affected in Turkey and Syria!!

    They’re People, Just like us …..
    Imagine being in that Situation 🙏

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