The main laptop has been hacked

unrecognizable hacker with smartphone typing on laptop at desk

The laptop that I use to record, process, produce and edit the shows has been hacked. The video that I had produced that I was going to put up today basically had no sound so therefore I did not upload it, because you would not be able to hear it anyway.

Also, I can’t do anything with it when I move the mouse around it doesn’t really follow. It does what it wants to do and it’s searching for files it wants to find on its own. At the end of the day, I’m gonna have to have this one wiped and redone and or I will have to buy a new machine.

So where do I go from here? While I can still write blogs and I can still even record with my iPad and maybe my iPhone, it’s a big loss to have at this juncture.

In the meantime, subscribe to the website if you haven’t already also make sure and subscribe to the Telegram channel. I will continue to post here on the website and on the Telegram channel even if the laptop is down, so stay tuned I will keep posting things. I just won’t be able to do any videos for now until I get some type of laptop up and running so I can use my professional equipment.

Blessings to you don’t worry I’m not going away.


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  • So sorry about your computer. With everything happening around us, at least your aware of the time we are in. … Blessing to you and yours Johnny (+)

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