There is a False Apocalypse Underway and it will Fool Billions!

While I don’t agree with everything written in the book “The False Apocalypse”, I definitely agree that we are about to witness a false “darkness to light” movement that will deceive the world and is part of Satan’s master plan.

Donnie Darkened over at Twitter showed me this book called “The False Apocalypse” and I’m glad he did as it confirmed some things I had already been researching. The “new age” that everyone expects to happen won’t unfold the way we have been taught and in this post I’m going to show you some of what I’m talking about and I will leave you a link to the book “The False Apocalypse”. It’s a FREE download that will allow you to read about half of the book.

First up some Tweets from @donniedarkened to show you what I mean.

Now add people like Alex Jones, David Icke, Russel Brand, Joe Rogan and others like them with major social influence and BOOM you have a “darkness to light” movement. This is what I truly believe is going down right now and Donald Trump will emerge as the one who leads the movement as he exposes (as planned) the so called “swamp creatures” he used to call out all of the time.

Now I will leave you with the link to the free portion of the book ‘The False Apocalypse” as the author, John Blanchette shows us that things won’t unfold the way we think or the way we’ve been taught. I’m still going through this portion of the book myself and when I’ve got a better grasp on the whole thing I will do a video on it. One thing I will say for now is this; Satan is the Father of Lies just as Jesus said he was so this plan of his makes perfect sense. Satan won’t make it obvious, he will ALWAYS use deception to get his way.

For now click the link and download the book. Once again it’s FREE so take advantage of the opportunity! But I warn you it will definitely challenge some of your long held beliefs about the end times so take it up in prayer as always.

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