Lack of mRNA in C19 Vials and New Insights on Shedding with Live Blood Analysis, Dr. Ana Mihalcea Interview

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This is an excellent interview of Dr. Ana Mihalcea, MD, PHD who had been researching what’s in the “vaccine” vials for awhile now and I highly recommend her blog on substack. Here is an excerpt from Dr. Ana’s blog on this subject and then today’s video with the links below.

It is not the spike protein that is shedding… that was my point, it is self assembly structures presumed to be Graphene/ Hydrogel. I make the point that no mRNA has been found by different researchers, and the production of spike proteins has not been verified beyond 48 hours by Pfizer, additionally many other proteins are being manufactured and nobody knows what they are. While we cannot extrapolate to millions of vials, it certainly takes into question the spike narrative. In those cases that no mRNA was found, there also is no reverse transcription into DNA to make spike protein.

I ask the question – what is shedding – and the answer appears to be these ribbons found in C19 injectables via self assembly, C19 injected blood and now the un-injected. We discuss images of Live blood analysis from my practice.

Nanorobotics in C19 Injections

Bitchute link

Dr. Ana’s Newsletter

Entire Video Interview

Nanobots and Viruses Part 1 (from June 2020)

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