Russia Warns the West for the THIRD TIME about Ukraine Dirty Bomb

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Meanwhile the President of Serbia warns the world of the “perfect storm” brewing for full blown war between NATO and Russia in Ukraine. He says the 101st Airborne division is in Romania getting ready to deploy into Western Ukraine. Here is my video report and an article from warnews 247 below.

The president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, speaking to Serbian state media, warned that the world is approaching the “perfect storm”. The reason is the deployment of the US Army’s 101st Airborne Division in Romania, near the border with Ukraine.

The Serbian president absolutely confirms WarNews247 as he notes that “American forces are preparing to enter Ukraine”. 

Besides, the Commander of the 101st Airborne Division “Screaming Eagles” stated that he is ready, if necessary, to enter the territory of Ukraine despite the White House’s assurances to the contrary.

We remind you that a few days ago, the Serbian president made another intervention, talking about an “imminent global military conflict”

A. Vucits: “We are approaching the perfect storm”

During a meeting of the Central Committee of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, President Aleksandar Vucic stressed that the deployment of the US Army in Romania “brings a sharp deterioration of the situation, which is close to the perfect storm.”

A.Vucits emphasized that America sent the best military unit in the world to the border with Ukraine for a reason.

In his opinion, the United States is preparing for an escalation of the conflict.

“We’re approaching what I called the ‘perfect storm’ at the last meeting. It is enough to look at the forces with which Russia is now entering Ukraine.

When you see that the Americans sent their absolutely best unit in the world, and that is the 101st Airborne Division, they moved it to Romania a few kilometers from the border with Ukraine, then it becomes clear what awaits us, whether they will come into direct conflict or not “, explained the President of Serbia.

The inevitability of the confrontation over Vucic stems from the complete reluctance of the parties to make concessions.

“And it is clear to me how it will develop further and how it will affect our country,” Vucic added.

American officer: If the Russians enter Western Ukraine, the Ukrainian Army is finished!

At the same time, a retired American officer considers possible an entry of Russian and Belarusian forces into Western Ukraine and the Lviv region.

He emphasizes that if Russia succeeds in cutting off the logistical support of the Ukrainian Army from the west, the fighting ability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will drop to a minimum!

This fear justifies the first scenario published yesterday by WarNews247, the 101st Airborne Division moving along the Ukrainian-Polish border to prevent this possibility.

Retired US Army Lt. Col. Daniel Davis, who once headed one of the US logistics services, pointed out:

“The vulnerability of the Ukrainian military becomes apparent mainly because the logistical routes have long been known.

The main flow of military goods to Ukraine passes through Poland and enters the Lviv and Volyn regions.

Just cut off the land route of military supplies from Poland, and Ukraine will have virtually no opportunity to conduct military operations for more than a few months.

The retired American officer emphasized that, in general, Russia has long since completed one of its goals, the demilitarization of Ukraine as it is.

According to Davis, Russia has long deprived Ukraine of the ability to produce its own military equipment and ammunition.

“Today, the situation for Ukraine is developing in such a way that its dependence on foreign supplies is becoming complete. The Ukrainian authorities must constantly remind themselves and ask, ask, ask…

The biggest danger for the Ukrainian military now is the possibility of cutting off supply routes to its western border.

According to Davis, if this happens all the way to the logistical collection points of military equipment inside Ukraine itself, then the further combat capability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be reduced to a minimum,” he concludes.

Original Article in Greek at warnews 247

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