Russia Loses it’s first City to Ukraine as Russian Troops Flee Lyman!

This isn’t good and it happens right after Russia announced the annexation of the 4 territories from Ukraine. Now how will Russia handle military defeat? The mobilization in Russia has begun in earnest and hundreds of tanks and thousands of troops are now being rushed to the Donbas region. Here is more in my video report and also from warnews 247. Translated from Greek for your convenience. All of the links are below.

One day after Russia signed a union with Donetsk and Lugansk, Ukrainians invaded Russian territory and captured the first Russian city, Krasny Liman. This is exactly what happened today and this is what Moscow will emphasize in the coming days by announcing a large-scale counterattack.

It is an attack and occupation of Russian territory in accordance with the ratification of the referendums and the decree of B. Putin.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced a while ago that Russian forces managed to open a corridor and withdraw from the city. This fact is considered a great success given the situation.

The Russian forces withdrew amid heavy shelling and heavy Ukrainian fire, and of course not without bloodshed. There are losses.

The fall of the city of Krasny Liman opens the gate to Lugansk and now the Russians are urgently called to regroup, reinforce and stabilize the front because they risk losing what they had won months ago in Donbass.

The Ukrainians will now reach the border with Lugansk and hit Lysihansk. Unless the Russians manage to keep them in Kremina, an area where they are setting up the last line of defense.

The responsibilities are enormous and new purges in the Russian Army should be expected.

Already the Ukrainian forces after the occupation of Krasny Liman are pressing on the axes

1. Kupyansk – Kuzemivka – Svatove
2. Pisky-Rad’kivs’ki – Borova – Svatove

The Ukrainians are moving additional reserves to the Estuary-Zarechnoye, Torskoye-Kremennaya, Torskoye-Svatovo axes.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Retreat Ordered – “Ukrainians had the upper hand”

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the troops were forced to leave the city due to the threat of encirclement.

In particular, the Russian Ministry of Defense reports that Russian troops and Donbas militias were forced to withdraw from their defensive positions, as Kyiv launched a large-scale attack targeting the region.

“Due to the looming threat of encirclement, allied troops withdrew from the settlement of Krasni Liman and deployed to more advantageous positions ,” the ministry said in a statement.

Earlier, the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Denis Pushilin, described the situation in the city as “alarming” as he said the city has been “half-encircled” by Ukrainian troops.

Read the rest HERE.

Russian Mobilization

Russian Defeat

Russia Revives Old Airbases

Russian Bombers Deployed

Nuclear Capable Iskander-Ms being Deployed

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  • As many look at this as a defeat for Russia, in reality it is but one battle in a long drawn out war.
    All of their warts are exposed by our media whenever possible with even much hyperbole.
    However, we’ve never heard a peep about our own faux pax and may soon thanks to new social media platforms learn some ugly things.
    As our jabbed rainbow run unicorn military will never hold up to real battle hardened troops.
    As a vet from the 70s, 80s and Desert Shield/Storm 90s it really pisses me off to see what our traitors have done to my fellow vets!
    But through it all am learning how God Almighty works it all out for his Glory, may it be so even now.
    May our slumbering church awaken in repentance before the first mushroom hits NYC.
    Yet somehow, even one prophetess says they will not and she lives there.

    • @ Gray Stroke,

      If you’re a vet (especially from that era), then you will absolutely LOVE this video. I highly recommend it.

      “Is World War III Avoidable? Diane Sare Scott Ritter and Col. Richard Black”

      If you don’t know him… Scott Ritter is phenomenal. He’s ex-DOD and an ex U.N. inspector. I watch all of his stuff. He also has a more recent video entitled,

      “Scott Ritter Extra Ep. 13: Ask the Inspector”

      • Yes indeed from an era that got kicked out of a WACs barracks by the CQ…..climbed up the fire escape to see a cutie, yeah that’s old my friend….
        Appreciate the link… like Scott he’s a rare breed of soldier, much respect for him and the few we have like him….!

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