The Results are In! Russia has Gained 4 New States!

There are official announcements coming from the Russian government and President Putin in particular on Friday, September 30th. There are expectations that Putin will change the status of the “special military operation” into a full blown declaration of war. Others say that Putin will announce an “anti-terror” campaign, aimed at ousting the “Ukrainian terrorists” from the newly acquired Russian territory.

Keep in mind that what was formerly Eastern Ukraine is now part of Russia and as such all of the new states will be afforded the same protections as Moscow enjoys. Now the Russian nuclear umbrella has been expanded. To go along with that the partial mobilization continues as Russia opens up all of their old Soviet weapons depots including T62 tanks! Here is more from warnews 247.

The borders of Russia and Ukraine have changed as referendums in the four former Ukrainian provinces come to a close. Now the war in Ukraine is moving to the next level of escalation.

Until now the “special military operation” as Moscow calls it was designed to preserve the Ukrainian civilian infrastructure and reduce human casualties. In Moscow they believed that they should not “receive scorched earth”. They were rejected due to incorrect estimates and calculations.

This is now changing. The purpose of the new military operation will be to destroy the active threat posed by Ukraine and by extension the West to Russia. So the “gloves” come off and the real war begins.

The Russian Army has opened up all Soviet weapons depots, reservists are pouring into recruitment and training centers, and now the order remains for the offensive to begin.

Even T-62 tanks have come out of the warehouses….

The result of the referendum is:

Lugansk: 98.42% “NAI” in Union with Russia

Kherson:  87.05% “NAI” in the Union with Russia

Zaporizhia: 93.11 “NAI” in the Union with Russia

Donetsk: Counting at 82%, 99.06% want Union with Russia

Valentina Matvienko, the speaker of the upper house of the Russian Parliament, said that if the results of the referendums are favorable, it could consider the integration of the four regions into Russia on October 4.

Russian President Vladimir Putin could then call any attempt by Ukraine to retake them an attack on Russia itself.

Mozhegov: There will be an ultimatum to the Ukrainians to leave our lands

Russian political scientist Vladimir Mozhegov described the developments after the referendums.

“I suspect that after the end of the referendums, there will be, one would say, an ultimatum to the Ukrainians to leave our lands.

The special operation will become anti-terrorist. It is unlikely that war will be declared, but an “anti-terrorist operation” is possible. In general, the rhetoric will become much harsher against the Americans and the British, included.

Already the answer is coming, we are moving towards a partial mobilization and the referendums show that the stakes are rising. Russia has no intention of leaving. Until now, the Americans have stressed that negotiations are possible on the condition that Russia backs down on its original positions. It is clear that this stage has already passed, the stakes have changed. Putin has already said a lot on this matter.

He clearly spoke about the possibility of using any type of weapons. So we see that escalation is increasing and will continue to increase until it exceeds common sense or de-escalation follows”

Andrey Koshkin: “The operation will become Anti-Terrorist”

The special military operation will become anti-terror after the completion of the referendum and the entry of the four regions into Russia. This was stated by the head of Crimea Sergey Aksyonov.

Political scientist Andrei Koshkin said:

“So far, everyone is talking about changing the status of the special military operation. We are all waiting for Friday, he will make an appeal in which a lot will be clarified.

In any case, by the evening there will be relevant legal documents and, most likely, there will be an extraordinary meeting on September 29, where the results will be announced. We assume that the territories will become part of the Russian Federation.

Now the “special operation” will take on the character of counter-terrorism, that is, the terrorists are on our territory and we must neutralize them.

In this case, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will already be on the territory of the Russian Federation, and we will conduct a liquidation operation based on the reasons of ensuring the security of our state.

Therefore, on September 21, the President of Russia and the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation focused their attention not only on protecting the lives of the people of Donbas, but also on the security of Russia.

The partial mobilization is carried out in the interest of ensuring the security of the Russian Federation.”

A new Federal District is created

In Russia, a new federal district will be created based on Crimea, Russian media reports.

This new region will consist of Crimea, the Donbas Republics and two former Ukrainian regions, the Zaporizhia and Kherson regions.

According to sources from the Federation Council, the Presidential Administration and the Crimean government, the former general director of Roskosmos, Dmitry Rogozin, may lead the new Federal district.

Russian sources explain the need to create a new federal district by saying that there is a “difficult situation” around referendums and the admission of new territories to Russia.

Political scientist Nikolai Starikov added:

“It is absolutely obvious that the imposition of martial law in the area where hostilities are taking place is reasonable and proper . Regarding the introduction of this regime throughout the country, I think it is better to wait until Friday and hear from our President after the results of the procedure for the admission of new territories to the Russian Federation. 

I believe that there is a high possibility that not only the status of the “special enterprise” will change, but more importantly, the meaning of the events taking place. Today in society there is an ever-increasing demand for strengthening the military component.”

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