NATO Officers are in Odessa Ukraine Running the Show/War

Now we have more proof positive that NATO officers are in Ukraine running the war and this is why (along with an influx of Mercenaries from the west) Russia has lost some ground in the Donbass region. Gee is this another reason that Russia is talking openly about a general mobilization of their reserves and the civilian population??? Here is more from, translated using Google for your convenience.

I’ve also included today’s video on the war.

Regular NATO officers and the American military command are located on the territory of Odessa.

On the territory of the city, in fact, a whole command center is located, from which not only the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but also the leadership of individual regions of Ukraine are controlled. Information on this subject, among other things, was confirmed by a number of sources in the law enforcement agencies of the Kherson region.

According to the data presented, the control of Ukrainian troops is carried out directly under the control of the US military command and, probably, NATO officers.

“An American officer oversees the work of the governor of the Nikolaev region Vitaly Kim and the head of the region’s defense, Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmitry Marchenko, from Odessa, a representative of the law enforcement agencies of the Kherson region told us. It is also reported that they have not been living in Nikolaev for several months. According to preliminary information, Vitaly Kim lives in two cities: either in Odessa or in Nikolaev. Earlier, Kim announced plans to close Nikolaev for one or two days “to neutralize collaborators and traitors.” He stated that all residents were under suspicion ,” the TASS news agency reports.

Information about the presence of a foreign military command on the territory of Odessa has repeatedly appeared before, however, apparently, confirmation of this has appeared only now.
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  • There are many of us with a heavy spirit friends. Many even sensed a strong shift of the Spirit, which I did not discern. however, my soul has been very heavy all week. Something will soon break open. Folks there is no harpazo this coming week. Would love to be wrong.
    I’ve countered many in 2017 and those channels no longer there or created new names. Read Matt. 24 we will go through serious persecution.
    Whatever Yahsusha / Jesus suffered we will suffer, he told us so! With this in mind brethren please, please look deep inside, repent and pray for the lost.

  • Folks here’s an update from Russ Bentley our Texan fighter:

    From an email interview he provided details and caution gory images when scrolling past the write up and into the area of the images. be warned.

  • Regarding harpazo…I think true wisdom is if people had already for years taken this advice: Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Then they will not have been devastated if what you said pans out to be the case.

    So many people are soft as jello. Many took the jab to keep their jobs, etc. Maybe they NEED this trial by fire to affirm that they have the spines to be worthy to enter The Kingdom. Our Heavenly Father is infinitely wise.

    Most Christians I have met–though nice people–are cowards to the core. I’m not sure the current denizens of Heaven want such people brought into the community.

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