Pharmacy Covers up Vaccine Death! They’re “not commenting on that, per my manager” …

These people are complicit with the powers of this world in murder and genocide. Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil.

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  • People are Literally Dropping like fly’s
    Everywhere brother 💯

  • Disgusting.. just disgusting reality we live in

  • Scripture tells us this IS going to happen and IS happening right now. JUDGMENT folks is here!
    How is it that people are surprised, shocked or in disbelief?
    Does not anyone believe the words written in scripture???
    Because we will soon see more then ever the need to rely, trust psalms 91:7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
    Verse 7 is what is keeping wife and I from getting ill from all the jabbed local population dying around us, ‘suddenly’ as it were.
    NOW IS the time to dig into God’s Word and build one’s most Holy Faith…..
    I’m a rough cut guy not a touchy feely guy so not trying to be rude on purpose and apologize if it all sound like it is. Because it probably is!
    But i don’t now how to edify and encourage all readers to get with it.
    Get with the program, God’s program: Abide, Repent, Confess daily ,hourly whatever it takes, but get close and get close now, today. Start by repenting of whatever the Holy Spirit reveals to you, take it to the Throne of Heaven and repent, plead the Blood of Jesus and let’s just get closer to our Redeemer.
    How do we do this? Like the lady with the issue of blood. Come to Jesus with a humble heart and tell Him you just want to touch the hem of His garment just the hem, it’s all I need for my deliverance, healing and breaking my bondage to smoking praise God Almighty been a month now!!!
    I’m in this ride too brothers and sisters……This is why men’s hearts will fail.
    He’s already told me with all I’m doing I am still not ready to see what’s about to unfold.
    The fear of the Lord made my belly ill at that word!

    Much Agape Love to all, let’s saddle up!
    Maranatha Jesus come even now Yahusha come even now…!

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