Breaking! Air Raid Sirens going off in ALL OF UKRAINE as Russia Launches Massive Bombardment!

Russia has taken off the kid gloves and is now going after all critical infrastructure in Ukraine (incl power plants) with a massive missile barrage! Blackouts have been reported throughout the nation even in the Western part of Ukraine which up to now had been relatively unscathed with the exception being military targets.

Today’s video report along with the Russian MOD briefing for today, 9-11-22, are below.

Russian MOD Briefing

In addition here are the links to the information I found. God bless and stay ready!

American Cruise Missiles

Hal Turner Story

Greece and Turkey

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  • Excellent Report. Of interest, someone in the Zerohedge comment section said, basically, that Russia could go nuclear in Ukraine and noone would even know it due to the blackout. I wouldn’t have a clue, Johnny. But this escalation certainly seems to coincide with what you said about “war” possibly being delacred soon.

  • Also, this might have been exacerbated by those U.S. missiles getting within 5 miles of the Russian border. Russia might have decided “enough is enough” and they are going in to get rid of NATO interference.

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