Ukraine Received LONG RANGE JFS-M Cruise Missiles for HIMARS from Germany!

This is exactly what Russia told the US not to do yesterday as I’m sure they probably knew this was coming. Russia has stated that whoever supplies these types of weapons will be considered a party to the conflict and will be attacked accordingly up to and including nuclear weapons.

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Ukraine attack fail

JFS-M Missile Details


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  • Thank you Johnny Storm 😃❤🤙

  • Thanks. When your “right there”–as far time-wise, on news breaking–it’s highly appreciated.

    You never know…this one might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    But then…there’s been so much straw already I’m surprised the camel is even still able to stand!

  • They have nothing to lose now , if we just seen a tiny bit of the protests worldwide peoples hearts would fail

  • Just as I feared but also expected.. this will go nuclear.

  • Soon, very soon….we will find out about those, “decision making centers”……when those are smoking, and not from grilling….then we know the mushrooms are not far off…..many are now in fasting and prayer…..the message October is now in Sept. For the wise virgins you know what October represents…
    Friends…..I pray that the 7,000 that have not bowed to baal along with many more weep for the sins of this nation….
    This is gonna be beyond words when it happens, ‘suddenly’…
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  • This is much worse than playing with fire. Follows on to spreading chemical weapons over there. These things will not remain in Ukraine.

  • Johnny Johnny Storm we sure are in the end days you’re reporting a spot on sometimes a lot of disinfo flies around nobody understands Fox News is a controlled opposition owned by them also so the only news is if you hunt it down yourself but yes it’s getting ready to get bad I remember you said this when you were on rense

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