Russia Deploys Tactical Nukes to Crimea after Massive Air Attack by Ukraine

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Russia is moving tactical nuclear weapons to Crimea after yesterday’s unprecedented Ukrainian barrage-attempt to saturate Russian air defenses. This has been reported by Western security sources, which has alarmed NATO. My video report is below along with all of the links/sources.

The vice president of the Russian Security Council and former prime minister, N. Medvedev, had warned a month ago that “if the Ukrainians attack Crimea, then Judgment Day will follow,  they will be faced with a catastrophe, very fast and cruel, immediately. There will be no dodging. It will be very difficult for them to hide.”

It seems that yesterday the Ukrainians crossed Russia’s red line. The attack was organized and very large in scope. Russian sources reported that for the first time they saw such dense anti-aircraft fire over Crimea.

If the Russian air defense had not been so effective, yesterday there would have been many casualties and a very large disaster, worse than that of August 9.

It seems that there are two scenarios that concern the Russians and for which the “green light” has been given for the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

News organized by NATO, Ukrainian attack on Crimea and eventual detonation of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear plant, something that will fill the region with radioactivity.

The decision to transfer tactical nuclear weapons ready for immediate use appears to have been made after the bombing of Crimea and the destruction of the Russian Saki air base. We remind you that the Ukrainian attack took place on August 9. 

Videos and information that have been leaked since then show that Russia suffered a major disaster. According to information 5 Su-24, 3 Su-30SM, 1 Su-30SM and 3 Su-24 were destroyed. This was shown by satellite photos and videos.

Half the town of Novofedorivka was leveled, while Crimea’s governor, Sergei Aksyonov, said the explosions damaged more than 60 apartment buildings and 20 shops. He promised the owners of the damaged houses compensations of 10,000 – 100,000 rubles (158 and 1580 euros respectively).

Shortly thereafter, Russia was forced to withdraw fighters from Crimea. Information indicates that ten aircraft – six Su-35C fighters and four MiG-31BM – were withdrawn from the Belbek airbase in Crimea bound for bases in mainland Russia.

The movement of the aircraft is to “prevent Russia from possible further losses from Ukrainian attacks,” the report notes, noting that “Ukrainian drones are difficult to identify as targets for Russian air defense systems.”

It seems, however, that the development of nuclear weapons in Crimea “dovetails” with the broader Russian strategy. It is no coincidence that today the president of Belarus, A. Lukashenko, threatened Poland with a nuclear holocaust!

Yesterday, WarNews247 emphasized that Belarus is preparing to enter the Ukrainian war and therefore received nuclear bombs from Russia, focusing on the movements of Poland.

Ukraine withdrew from the agreement with Russia on nuclear energy

Kyiv cancels the agreement with Russia, which was signed 29 years ago

Ukraine has withdrawn from the agreement with the Russian government on scientific and economic cooperation on atomic energy, Ukrainian government spokesman Taras Melnichuk announced on Saturday (27/8/2022).

“The agreement between the governments of Ukraine and Russia on scientific and economic cooperation in atomic energy, signed on January 14, 1993 in Moscow, is canceled,” he noted on his Telegram channel, Tass reports.

Radiation Hazard – Bombing around Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Plant

Ukraine’s state-owned nuclear power company, Energoatom, has announced that the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant has been operating since midday today with a risk of leaks and fire, following bombings that the Ukrainians and Russians have blamed on each other for several weeks.

Russian troops have bombed the area “repeatedly over the last 24 hours,” the national Ukrainian company reported today on Telegram.

“As a result of the periodic bombings, the station’s infrastructure has been damaged and there is a risk of hydrogen leakage and sputtering of radioactive substances,” he said, citing an “increased risk of fire.”

According to the company, from today at 12:00 noon (local time and Greek time) the station “operates with the risk of violating the safety rules in the field of radiation and fire”.

Russia has accused Ukraine of firing 17 shells into the area of ​​the station, Europe’s largest, in the past 24 hours.

“Four fell on the roof of the building (…) where 168 Westinghouse nuclear fuel packages are located ,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement, adding that shells also fell in a spent fuel storage area and near another that contained “recent fuel”.

According to the Russian military, the Ukrainian military launched this fire from positions around the town of Markhanet, opposite the station, on the opposite side of the Dnieper River which is still under Kiev’s control.

Between Thursday and Friday the station and its six reactors of 1,000 megawatts each were “completely disconnected” from the national grid due to damage to power lines, according to Kyiv.

Energoatom then announced that “one of its reactors that had stopped operating the previous day was reconnected to the power grid” yesterday, Friday, at 14:04. The reactor that was reconnected “produces electricity for the needs of Ukraine” and “is in the process of increasing its power”, the company explained.

They hand out iodine pills

According to ABC reports, the Ukrainian authorities are so concerned that they have started distributing iodine pills to the residents of the surrounding areas.

As noted, for now they were distributed in the city of Zaporizhia, about 45 kilometers from the factory itself.

No one knows what the extent of the destruction will be from a possible missile strike on the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, with the concern for a new…Chernobyl being more evident than ever. Source Warnews247 and Telegram reports.

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