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This may be the catalyst for the next phase of WW3 as NATO countries are telling their troops to prepare their loved ones for war with Russia as they will most likely be sent to Ukraine to fight.

If it turns out that there is a Ukrainian connection, then we should be talking about state terrorism by the Kiev regime, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Sunday. A few hours later the report form the FSB came out which raised my eyebrow a bit.

According to Russian special investigators, Dugina’s murder was planned and carried out by the Ukrainian secret services, claiming that the perpetrators fled to Estonia after the murder. This is why Russia is angry, NATO is now openly harboring a suspect who is charged with terrorism and murder and it means others in Russia could be targeted as well.

All of that and much more war news including Kosovo, Serbia and China are in my video report below. All of the supporting links are below that as well. Prayed up and prepped up!

Bitchute Version of my Video

Russia Threatens Military Action

Ukraine Nuclear power plant gun battle

Shelling near nuclear plant in Ukraine

Russia blames Ukraine Secret Service

Kosovo and Serbia

China Prepping for War

British Soldiers told to prepare for war

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