Big Pharma Wants to Put an End to Vitamins and Supplements

In this video, Gretchen Dubeau, legal director for the Alliance for Natural Health, talks about Big Pharma’s efforts to eliminate nutritional supplements.
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Read and share this very important story with everyone you know! Big pharma wants you sick all the time and this is one of the ways to do it, take away vital nutrients from people! They want you on their toxic drugs instead so they can bleed you dry until you die.

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  • Final stages of Big Pharma attacking the alternative medicine. they have killed off so many doctors over the past few years its astounding.

  • Oh man, these guys are a heavy number. They won’t be happy until they can grind everyone right into the ground. They make Hitler look like a candyass. Give me a break.

  • tv. comercials , one of them, nac, infant formula., , either its not the same thing or, it is, either way, , , this world always uses the same, , words, abbreviated, or otherwise, , on purpuse of course,, with or without, all the pagan symbols., , been goin on for waay too long, , on another note ,what if anything do , you all think of, the hr. bill 4350?, ndaa?, , i try not to follow, all this manmade, poilittical, and ungodly religious world theatre circus, worldwide, because it distracts by disign, , where we just dont , get closer to god. , but im kinda surprised it wasnt brought up , for discussion, , but theres not much any expose coverage on this , anyways, , and its been goin on longtime as we know, , and fits in nicely with, whoever is the next, selected, pres, including trump., no , matter who, ,, does this bill , do in the body of the bill, what a few, i mean few are saying?, , the transition of power, from congressional oversite on the us. military, over to, , the next puppet president?, , with , ngos?, non gov. organizations, like the adl., ect, ect. ect?, and if so, remember, that , towards the end of trumps adminstration, he put us under fema, no ifs ands or buts, ,we know this has happened, under trumps admin, but is this the leagal, thier ways, of justifing it?, if you follow my drift., and some are saying that, theyll get rid of biden, no need to explain how, and put in gavin newsome . , let me say i do not trust the sources on this , part of the supposed news. lets be clear, , but we all do really know, the other parts, like gun owners of america ect., are always fightin against.., , in this wishwash, of tryin to find the real truth forever,, between lies, , from everytwhere, satans world, , ps. i”ll say this, , the very sources, , supposed to , expose, ect., are always, mysteriously, ,near or just before any event, like they already knew, but on a bigger scale if you follow what im tryin to say, , and we learn, that indeed, many of the sources, , cannot be trusted, for they have been exposed, already, for what they are, disinfomation agents, never the less, always us tryin to dicipher, , whats really true, and everything, related., , , , god bless all ,, , ruth d.

  • I noticed that Swanson’s Is Trying to get Rid of As much Vitamins and supplements for the last few weeks, Big Time 💯
    This is Actually happening folks 💯

    • I can get my vitamins and minerals more naturally and more reliably through whole foods – fruits and vegetables. Are ingredients in supplements really what they say they are? Speaking of that it would be nice if Big Pharma would disclose ingredients truthfully and comprehensively in the snake bites. Maybe when hell freezes over, just as in the case for having comprehensive information about possible long term effects. Never been snake bitten and feeling peachy always, while sadly the bitten all around are taking sick and worse.

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