Coyote Peterson Leaks Photos of ‘Bigfoot Skull’ Found in British Columbia, Warns Officials Will ‘Cover Up’ Proof – News Punch

YouTuber Coyote Peterson has posted photos of what he claims is a “Bigfoot skull” found in British Columbia.
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Now there’s some exciting news! I pray it’s legitimate! Jesus said that in the end times everything would be revealed and nothing would remain hidden!


  • The Series “” Grimm “‘ is Shockingly An Example of The Evil That Is All Around us!!
    People May Not Think That There’s a lot of Truth to This and Alien’s and Demonic beings ….
    Yet, There’s Proof, All Around us and
    ” We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood!! “”
    Can We Even Imagine the “” Things “‘ that the Disciples Saw When Jesus Gave them Power to Cast Out”” Demons ”
    Let “” That”‘ Sink in for a few minutes!!

  • never seen grimm, or any , dont have to, whether its real or not, most is faked, but we know, what they do, for longtime, , your right heavens gems, scripture, we wrestle not with flesh and blood,, i always thought, thats where hellywierd, and all demonic got thier stuff, all, cartoons and all from, , this is most likely faked, but, never the less, , they do real stuff all the time, with these so called new discoveries., , , it is real, the demonic spiritual war, world jesus talked about., , , also they put in our faces, , with the demonic, cloud faces for long time, and , , the demons caught on photos, during 911 , , , , , , just before a large manmade storm, caught on sattelite, , ect, ect., , , once saw a photo many many years ago, by some their hearts where right, , albums, being burned, i swear, , waay back before photo, , altering technology, , rock lps, but all is devels music, most of the worlds whatever, ,if it aint truly honering him, in any, any form , i swear the fire, was demons, , and all kinds of occult syhmbols with different demons, within the fire symbols, from the fire, , showing clearly, , the demons, and thier hierarchy, and then a key, lucifers, at the top of fire , but yeah duh, we all dence, thats what these people , clearly showed on lp covers and music forever., i had never doubted, from childhood, , and of course could never find that again, , mans ways, , , but its all around us everyday, in everything and society, people, ourselves, and, we are too darn busy, , by design, , glimpses here and there. , real life experiences, , the churches could not and would not ever deal with, because of course, they are all part of it., god bless all here, many good posts and info., lord jesus, knows, and he shows..very courageous subject matters/.everything screams, this place is not our home., as bible says, thank lord jesus and father god., for all.

  • Oh just wait. The trip to the woods will be crawling with creatures from the pits of hell. Satan understands since time begun man flees to the wilderness. You really think he hasn’t crossed that tee and dotted that eye? I have encountered one west of 3 sisters mountains east of sweethome Oregon while solo climbing a mountain. I had 2 weapons my 12 Guage with 00 and my pistol but before I went in I told anything there I was not here to harm anything. My mother taught us how to communicate by thought . Her dad taught her. And his grandma taught him. I camped half way up I heard it it way before I seen it it flanked me forcing me to not go back down the trail dropped on the downward side. I kept saying I’m safe. Just at the edge I watched it i guarentee you if I’d ate before I’d crappedyself. Behind upthe mountain was almost straight up except the trail and 80 miles of wilderness and below was a figure so large the fire power I had I’m sure it laughed lol. Laying there I kept thinking I am just passing through, I heard it move down and to the east. I still don’t remember nothing till morning woke up in the same place 12 gauge on my lap and my pistol in my hand. I felt like I slept for days well rested and peaceful. Still don’t think I slept but I wasn’t scared after that. Still haven’t been scared will going into the forests. I heard many that screamed out in Jesus name and they disappeared. I don’t fear sovā I do understand there’s alot worse things then bigfoot.
    Lord I guess I do sound crazy lol but most of the time true is stranger then fiction.

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