The Bluetooth Challenge Explained

Let me begin by saying I’m not a computer expert nor am I a networking expert but I found this article this morning and I wanted to share it with you.

Let me begin by sharing a screenshot that a subscriber sent in today. This is a screenshot of them using the technique in the video to scan the vaccinated Bluetooth MAC addresses.

A subscriber provided this screenshot!

So there you have it, straight from a subscriber and I’ve been sent more of these in the past. Now with the article and video I’m about to share we may have a good explanation of what’s going on and how this all works. I’ve also sent this to my son who went to school for this stuff so hopefully he might clear some of this up for us as well.

Tivon and I did the Bluetooth challenge for ourselves in an outdoor restaurant here in Marrakech. We knew we were surrounded by double or triple vaccinated Europeans who have received the COVID injections that have been found to have nanotechnology inside of them. This nanotech causes a human being to emit an anonymous IP address called a MAC address from their bodies. In order to see the code the vaccinated are emitting you need to put your phone in developer mode and then scan for Bluetooth devices in your area. We did this and it worked. I recorded the moment in this short video. Please excuse my cursing in the video, but I truly was horrified when I saw for myself that I was surrounded by people who were emitting codes. Later on Tivon and I recorded a discussion we had that fully explains the technology and the science behind the Bluetooth codes emitted from vaccinated people. I turned this into the blog post below, as so many people have been asking us for a thorough explanation on this topic.

So we’re going to go through several different important points and explain why it is that these digits that come up on your phone are indeed codes coming from the vaccinated people. First let’s allow Tivon to explain his background in IT so that we can understand the technical perspective that this information is coming from.

The Perspective from a technician who understands these networks.


I have a technical background in network engineering, hardware, maintenance, software configuration, and installation. A lot of my knowledge and training came from my previous career in the military as a US Navy Technician and then afterwards I worked for several companies. After the military, I continued my training for my own personal projects and got my interest in electronics. I have an understanding of network schematics, the installation of networks, especially fibre optic and the equipment around fiber optics, configuration of that equipment, the repair of that equipment, which means if you can’t repair the circuit board, you send it in to get replacement. And then the software configuration of that of that equipment, meaning the routers, the switches, the servers from the operating system to the firmware.

Different access levels of information between consumer mode and developer mode.

So from this, I want you to explain to people the difference between consumer mode on your phone and developer mode on your phone. Because in order to see these Bluetooth codes that are coming from vaccinated people, you need to have your phone in developer mode. There’s two different levels of information that you can see between those two different modes. So what does a person see? Like what is consumer mode and what does a person see in consumer mode?

Consumer mode is the default mode that people have when they first purchase their phone. This default setting is what allows you to see what other wireless devices are available in your area, to pair to them or to connect to them. And you will be able to recognize those devices simply by the name. So consumer mode will scan for devices that that you can see and recognize.

So for the average person, your phone is in consumer mode, which means when you click that Bluetooth button to scan for any Bluetooth devices that might be available to you in your area, you get a limited set of information shown to you because that’s all your able to see when you’re in consumer mode.

Tell us what developer mode is and why you would have a different mode. Who would use developer mode?

Developer mode is mainly for people who would have to repair equipment, repair the phone, repair the wireless device. It’s just a common practice in in technology, in electronics, gadgets, when something is broken and it requires a special access to get into the firmware. If it’s if it’s the chipset, if it’s something that’s broken at that level or maybe in the software level, you need to get into it. You need to have an elevated access authority in order to get into that device and to and to be able to troubleshoot and to fix that device, whether it be on hardware or software. And it has to be done in a way that doesn’t necessarily require the technician to know any special passwords or anything like that, although that could be programmed in the device, but rather to know the necessary steps to get to that elevated level or authority that the general population doesn’t know about. The technology tends to be open enough for you to to get in that mode if you need to. But general for the general population, they’re not trained or interested.

Read the rest HERE.

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  • How odd is that, that the phone needs to be in developer mode. I never did that with my phone, but we had just had them replaced under warranty.

    I first learned this was real when I checked my parents who are jabbed. They didn’t show up on it, a few neighbors bluetooth items did. Then my mom’s home nurse showed up and I scanned him and he made a hit on the Bluetooth scan.

  • This is A Real Eye Opener brother 💯
    And, Well Put Together , So the average person Can Understand the Significance of this!!! Great Work Brother 💯👍
    The Numbers….
    MAC addresses are typically given as a string of 12 hexadecimal digits…, the last six digits are assigned by the manufacturer “”””(comprising the Burned-In Address, or BIA).””””
    There’s No two that are the Same!!!
    Wow 😳

    • yup. no two are the same except in the case of MAC spoofing and masking. I wonder if the cia will use that for some effect as well when they want to take over some drones.

  • I have been in IT for 20+ yrs now. Ill check this out. My phone is in developer mode. I am going to a large crowd of jabbed today so should have some good results. Will comment back here and on your yt channel

  • I tried to measure the crowd of 300 60 to 80 yr old people for a few hours. I picked up nothing from them. I tried it on my mother in law and got nothing as well. I will keep it in mind and see if anything comes from it.

    • Thanks for trying!

    • The Super Artificial Intelligence is writing it’s Own Code Now!!! And the IT Specialists are Scrambling to Find a way to Figure out what it’s doing!!
      So far….. They can’t stop 🛑 it and don’t know what to do because it’s self aware Now and Picks up what’s going On… In Real Time now……
      I just saw this story a couple days ago.
      It can think and react in a trillionth of a second compared to the human mind !?
      With Everything worldwide…
      All At the same time..
      In Real Time 💯
      I honestly believe that we’re already actually being Controlled, including All Worldwide Events,…. By the Beast System indeed 💯 The ALL Seeing Eye 👁️
      Think about the implications of this….

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