Streetlights are the Way 5G will be Implemented

Just when we thought the powers that be had to construct a bunch of new 5g cell towers in order for it to work. As it turns out that’s not the case at all as the companies Movandi and Ubicquia have joined forces in order to deploy 5G mmWave repeaters onto streetlights.

From EE Times

Streetlights Offer Path to Rapid mmWave 5G
By Nitin Dahad

On my daily walks, I often look up at the streetlights and think about the potential they hold for deploying many different technology solutions, whether for environmental monitoring, surveillance, or for enhancing network infrastructure. So it was no surprise to see this week’s announcement from Movandi and Ubicquia of their partnership to develop and deploy mmWave streetlight repeaters to enhance 5G and fixed wireless access coverage.

Under the terms of their agreement, Ubicquia will use Movandi’s technology to create an mmWave smart repeater that plugs into a streetlight’s photocell socket in minutes — the system is said to be compatible with 360 million existing streetlights worldwide, to accelerate broad 5G mmWave coverage and FWA deployment. These would install in just minutes and lock onto host RAN signals automatically to ensure repeater–to–repeater connectivity without the need for fiber connectivity to the core network. The mmWave smart repeater also integrates with all major RAN/Open RAN technologies, including Ericsson, Huawei, Nokia, and Samsung, and supports all global mmWave spectrum bands.

The streetlight repeaters, expected to enter test and deployment in 2023, meet utility power, protection, metering, weight, and wind loading requirements, and can ensure optimal outdoor coverage and user experiences by extending the range of 5G mmWave gNBs and redirecting signals around obstacles. They feature Movandi’s mmWave 5G RF technology and reference design platforms including RF semiconductors, custom phase array antenna modules, algorithms, and software including cloud APIs for management, control, and AI/ML data analytics.

Ubicquia’s mantra on its website is to “turn streetlights and utility poles into smart assets that deliver data driven insights.” The company has a track record in doing this already, having earlier this year worked with Ericsson to deploy the latter’s street radio small cell by plugging into existing streetlights, utilizing a National Electrical Manufacturers Association standardized connector. The device is virtually unseen from street level, sitting just above the streetlight shield next to the light itself and allowing it to blend into the existing infrastructure. The installation can typically be completed within just 15 minutes, transforming a streetlight into a low– or mid–band 5G site.

In an interview with EE Times to announce the latest partnership with Movandi, Ubicquia CEO Ian Aaron said, “We are a unique company, with one foot in the utilities sector and one foot in mobile (many of our engineering team are from Motorola).” This, he said, made the company and its partnership with Movandi an ideal alliance to make mmWave 5G a reality sooner.

By using existing streetlights and their persistent power, 50 meter spacing, and 8–10 meter heights, this makes millions of site–ready locations available at a fraction of the time and money than building new poles for 5G radio base stations (gNBs) and pulling fiber to them. Joe Madden, principal analyst at Mobile Experts, highlighted in a recent white paper, “Streetlight Mounted mmWave Radios Transform Coverage Economics,” that streetlight mounted repeaters present an “incredible opportunity to dramatically speed up deployment schedules, streamline many regulatory and installation approval steps, and save money.”

Ubicquia CEO Aaron said, “The only way mobile operators can deliver on the promise of mmWave 5G in any reasonable period is to leverage existing streetlight infrastructure. Our goal in collaborating with Movandi and integrating our IP and work developing streetlight solutions for public WiFi, public safety and carrier small cells, is to help mobile operators not just deliver 5G mmWave services to dense urban areas but make 5G mmWave services a reality for cities of all sizes.” Read the rest at EEtimes.

There it is folks, the 5G surveillance/kill grid system is all ready to roll out and they only need to plug in a single device onto the existing streetlights. Then using the 5G system in combination with the “vaccines” and their graphene oxide they will be able to monitor you 24-7. If you survive the DNA changing shot that is.

Are you scoffers and mockers awake yet?

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  • Don’t ask me how I know, but this is not new. They’ve been operating for a couple of years this way. Simple cheap electronic devices prove what I’m saying

  • Tell it like it IS Brother 👍
    Everyone I’ve been telling about all the Purple Street lights Going up, All Accross the Nation…
    Only One Corporation Owns This Contract To Build and Install These New Street lights Going up Everywhere…. ( Even Overseas!! )
    We have them here in the Mountains Already, Last year, They Started Putting these up ….
    Big Time Things are Going on, While Everyone’s Attention is distracted by the Noise Narrative, TV , Social media, Mainstream Media, Etc….
    There’s So Much More Taking Place Right Now That We the People, Do Not Know About Yet ,
    I’m So Thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ Folks, 💯❤️🙏👍

  • Jeffrey R Rocker

    Up in Huntington NY, they’ve been trying to push lawsuits against the city for them installing 5G mini towers on people’s front yard. This was like 3 or 4 years back.
    Guessing this had alot to do with them figuring a way to implement the residential 5G?
    Fullerton Informer on YT has alot of info on his website pertaining to beam forming millimeter waves in the 60 Ghz range ,and the disruption of the orbital spin properties of o2 molecules, thus making it difficult to breathe when deployed or aimed at a target.
    Crazy as it sounds, he recommended when they roll all this out to carry a cd rom to hold up to your face to reflect back the millimeter waves and giving you a chance to escape a deliberate attack from these weapons.
    Thanks for the info brother Johnny and God bless you.

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