“It’s Either Now or Never” for Putin, Declare War by May 9th or Else

I came across this article today and I found it to be a very interesting take on why Putin may be forced to declare war on ALL Nazis, not just the ones he sees in Ukraine but also NATO itself. From Warnews247, I have translated it from Greek for your convenience.

The time of crisis is approaching for Putin, who will either announce a General Mobilization and a declaration of war in Ukraine on May 9, or he will be overtaken by developments and will be involved in a long war of attrition.

It is more than obvious that Russia is now fighting against NATO, so the “special military operation” has ceased to exist.

The WSJ has already confirmed yesterday’s WarNews247 report today: Poland has delivered 240 modernized T-72M1 tanks to Ukraine. How long will Russia be able to fight with only so few units on Ukrainian soil?

If the border is not closed and the flow of weapons does not stop, there will be a risk of attacks even on territories already occupied by Moscow. Not to mention that Crimea and Moscow themselves will be in danger as Ukraine receives strategic weapons, HIMARS, ATACMS, etc.

If the Transnistrian front opens, then Moscow has a serious problem as the Russian troops are not sure that they will arrive in Tiraspol on time.

There is another danger for Russia, NATO is preparing to enter Ukraine, probably in the summer. If the Ukrainian war of attrition continues to pay off and the Russian Army weakens, then it is very likely that NATO forces will enter Ukraine from late May to early June.

The deployment of 8,000 troops from Eastern Europe alone to Eastern Europe presupposes a “NATO operation”. At the same time, NATO is planning exercises in Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and the North Sea. Therefore there will be great military development.

Putin knows NATO outguns him on CONVENTIONAL weapons…

On Friday, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace warned that the Russian president could use the Victory Day parade to increase the threat of Nazism.

“I will not be surprised; he is probably going to say that ‘we are now at war with the Nazis of the world and we must mobilize the Russian people en masse.’

Putin, having failed in almost all of his goals, may seek to consolidate what he has… and simply be a kind of cancer development within the country.

“We have to help the Ukrainians get off the cliff effectively and maintain the momentum of the counterattack.”

Although Wallace said there was no indication that Putin was planning the announcement, he said previous talks had shown it was possible.

We have seen many statements from Putin that “this is a proxy war” – and “Nazis are everywhere”, basically, “it’s not just in Ukraine, NATO is full. of the Nazis “.

“I think he will try to get away from his ‘special business,'” Wallace told LBC Radio.

“Lay the ground so he can say ‘look, this is now a war against the Nazis, and what I need is more people.’ “I need more Russians for cannon fodder”.

Poland has sent at least 240 tanks to Ukraine, enough for two tank brigades, Polish officials said, confirming yesterday’s WarNews247 report.

The question is how the Poles achieved this and what exactly the Russians did. We are not talking about 1-2 tanks but about 240!

The T-72 tanks were donated along with self-propelled grenades, BM-21 Grad rocket launchers and other Soviet weapons from Poland’s stockpile, which has become Ukraine’s main benefactor within the European Union.

Collectively, the large arms donation, described by four Polish officials who briefed on the issue, shows the accelerating pace at which NATO allies, including the United States, are helping to equip Ukraine.

The tanks were sent by roadblocks in recent weeks as Russia resumed operations far from Kyiv to the east. Poland has also provided Ukraine with unmanned surveillance aircraft and dozens of armored combat vehicles, as well as fuel to maintain the country’s military vehicles.

“Ukraine has received more from Poland than it has asked for,” said a senior official.

The United States is giving 250 Abrams tanks to Poland to help replace the tanks donated by Warsaw, while the United Kingdom has offered to send its own tanks to Poland.

8,000 British troops will be deployed in Eastern Europe
Some 8,000 British troops will take part in a “demonstration of solidarity and strength” with other NATO troops in Eastern Europe this summer as the invasion of Ukraine continues.

Dozens of tanks and 120 armored vehicles will be deployed this summer from Finland to Skopje as part of a long-running program that was strengthened after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February.

“Europe’s security has never been so important,” British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said in a statement. “As part of these exercises, our troops will join forces with NATO allies and partners and the Joint Expeditionary Force in a show of solidarity and strength that is one of the largest joint troop deployments since the Cold War.”

The Joint Expeditionary Force (JEF) is a coalition of the armed forces of the United Kingdom and eight partner countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

British troops were deployed to Finland this week to take part in an exercise that “will improve the ability of British and Finnish forces to work side by side with the JEF, discouraging Russian attack on Scandinavia and the Baltic states”.

In May, more British troops will be deployed along the border between Estonia and Latvia alongside 18,000 NATO troops, including French and Danes who are part of the British-led NATO “Enhanced Advanced Presence”.

“The United Kingdom is making a significant contribution to Europe’s defense and to preventing a Russian attack. “The range of British military exercises is fundamental to both .

There are also reports of 2 British SAS troops that have been captured by the Russians in Ukraine. The Russians INSIST these are not mercenaries but regular British troops. I’m sure more will be released on that in the near future.

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  • Good job Jonny. We are in serious deep …. in one day prices in Central Indiana went up close to .20 . While the zombies wake up to war , 90% still think nothing about food. I’d pray to be vaporized with a nuke, before
    I’d even dream of starving to death. You can prep you can plan, yet in the end God’s our only hope. Look into the electronic weapons they admit they have and read it till you grasp that your guns are useless with guns that can cook you inside out. How about heart attack weapons. For the millions that spent billions on being self sufficient. Understand you will be the first targets when EBT stops. If martial law is enforced you will see why 1.4 million fighting age afgan soldiers were brought here. Think of the millions of Muslims were brought here as “refugees”
    They have drone swarms that can pick you up hiding in any building or sneaking to your bugout. Folks this is going to be so evil and so much death that you will step over dead people like road kill.
    If ww3 is called all exports world wide will space. Think of going to stores without exports . All countries will stop “ALL” food and natural resources will not be exported, THINK ABOUT IT! WENT TO TOWN AND ALL THE RESTAURANTS WERE OPENED PEOPLE NOT CAREING THE FOOD PRICES ARE CLOSE TO DOUBLE.
    We better understand when the stores run out , it don’t matter how rich you are if it’s not available you can’t buy. I want to shake people awake but I feel it’s useless. Besides it gives us a little more time before the toilet paper 2.0 starts stores will be empty and farms will be taken. I’m sure gardens will be permit only. You might have a month to hide a secret root vegtables only garden if it grows below ground they can’t steal it. Don’t wait the black moons a warning from God darkness is falling, and falling fast. God help us. He’s our only hope folks.

  • History tells us that when the british Commit to Something like this….
    The world 🌎 Is litteraly already at War …..
    The Masses just don’t know it yet!!!
    And When “” Any “” type Major catastrophe happens…..
    Please be Ready for Anything folks 💯❤️🙏👍

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