Why Evangelicals are Blind to Trump Being the Antichrist

If you’ve followed my YouTube channel for any length of time you will know that I believe Donald Trump is the antichrist. One of the big reasons I feel that way is Rev. 13: 5-6. There are many more reasons but that is the biggest one and the one that led me on my research.

I have an entire playlist devoted to this subject and I will be adding more to it as we go. He may be out of the big spotlight for now but notice he never quite goes away and now the roar of his comeback is growing.

This post isn’t designed to answer every question you may have about the antichrist but rather this post is designed to help wake those up who may still be fooled by this man. There are a few channels and ministries out there that have devoted quite a bit of time to this subject and Antichrist 45, Brother Paul’s channel on YT is one of them. In this video he will show you the 5 top reasons the Evangelicals are still fooled by Trump and the fact that the Great Delusion is here and many of them are caught up in it. I highly recommend Pauls channel on YT.

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  • Remember that Israel Put His Image On the Temple Money ….. And They’ve Not Changed The Temple Money!! To This Day…..!!!!! Think about This One Thing Alone!!!! Israel Called Him , The New King Cyrus!!!

  • In Daniel 7 and 12, God gives 9 characteristics of the antichrists identity. It is not an individual but a system which will have a man who speaks for it. It would come up among the 10 kingdoms of W. Europe. It would uproot 3 of the kingdoms. The Catholic church did just that to the Vandals, the Heruli and the Ostrogoths, they were not catholic.It would be different then other kingdoms. It was . It rose from religious power not secular. It would make war with the saints. Roman Catholic church has killed 50 million Christians throughout the 11 Imperial persecutions and world history. He would claim to forgive sins Luke 5:21. Pope has done this. Would claim to be God, Pope has also done so. See Catholic National 1895. It would change laws and times. Papacy changed the Sabbath day from saturday to Sunday. These are just some of the 9 characteristics in scripture.. Papacy checks all 9 boxes folks. It is not Trump.. Haters on the left of Trump are no better than haters on the right of Trump. God says we are to put our trust in him alone and pray for our leaders that they follow God and his will. READ DANIEL. His prophecy is much more detailed. Nebuchadnezzar’s dream Daniel interpreted This is related to the feet n toes of iron n clay This is not the final delusion either. sorry guys. That one has to do with being saved or deceived into thinking you are but are not. Thus going to hell when u thought u were going to heaven. to go to hell because of the antichrist is to take his mark/true believers have the seal of God upon them. the Holy Spirit of God. They can not take the mark. God give you discernment and blessings. To God be the Glory forever!!

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