Why Evangelicals are Blind to Trump Being the Antichrist

If you’ve followed my YouTube channel for any length of time you will know that I believe Donald Trump is the antichrist. One of the big reasons I feel that way is Rev. 13: 5-6. There are many more reasons but that is the biggest one and the one that led me on my research.

I have an entire playlist devoted to this subject and I will be adding more to it as we go. He may be out of the big spotlight for now but notice he never quite goes away and now the roar of his comeback is growing.

This post isn’t designed to answer every question you may have about the antichrist but rather this post is designed to help wake those up who may still be fooled by this man. There are a few channels and ministries out there that have devoted quite a bit of time to this subject and Antichrist 45, Brother Paul’s channel on YT is one of them. In this video he will show you the 5 top reasons the Evangelicals are still fooled by Trump and the fact that the Great Delusion is here and many of them are caught up in it. I highly recommend Pauls channel on YT.

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  • Remember that Israel Put His Image On the Temple Money ….. And They’ve Not Changed The Temple Money!! To This Day…..!!!!! Think about This One Thing Alone!!!! Israel Called Him , The New King Cyrus!!!

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