War update! Biden Administration Says Russia full of “Empty Threats” as they Test Nuclear Missile

More war updates about Ukraine and the Russian Flagship Moskva has come to light, including the use of Starlink satellites and the US Navy Poseidon spy aircraft that went OFF RADAR for several hours leading up to the attack! This comes to light just as the Biden Administration prepares another 800 million in lethal military aid to Ukraine, bringing the total to 3.4 billion since the start of the war.

So even though Russia has repeatedly warned the USA to STAY OUT OF IT, including a formal diplomatic note, the US thinks Russia is bluffing and they are full of “empty threats”.

Asked Monday about the Russian warning, Biden press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed what she called “empty threats” from Moscow and denied any change to the U.S. approach.

“What we have done here is done exactly what the president said we would do from the beginning, which is, if they invaded, we would be providing significant security assistance, economic assistance, and support to the Ukrainian people,” she said. “ And we’re going to continue to do exactly that.”

My video report and the source links to the story are below.

Bitchute Version

Russian Missile

Mig 29 Shipped on Flatbed

US Says Russia Making Empty Threats

US Navy Poseidon



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