LOOK AND SEE FOR YOURSELF Who NATO and the USA are Supporting in Ukraine!

This is what my uncles fought AGAINST IN WW2! One lost his life in Pearl Harbor while the other survived the Battle of the Bulge in Europe which was the Nazis’ last gasp effort to expel the US and the UK from Western Europe. Despite the loss of life and all of the sacrifice of the so called “free world” the Nazis are still here and until recently they were underground although they were a poorly kept secret in Ukraine.

Up until recently the mainstream reported the truth about the Nazis in Ukraine. Now of course the narrative has changed and somehow the Nazis have changed. What’s worse is that the idiots out there in mainstream pop culture land believe it and will turn around and call you a “damn commonist” because they can’t quite pronounce “communist”. Here is a story the BBC did 8 years ago and another one from NBC below that from 4 years ago. In the NBC piece they feature a CAMP FOR KIDS that trains them how to be a good far right soldier and citizen.

I give you the BBC

Look at what they are doing to their children in this video. You will see brainwashing at it’s finest as the child screams “death to the moscovites” which is a derogatory or even racial term for a Russian.

This is who is holed up in the steel plant in Mariupol, the worst of the worst. Look at what he says in his tweet!

I’d think again about that Ukrainian flag in your profile…

Here is a Ukrainian journalist from back in 2014 telling us that the people living in the Donbass region were “superfluous” or in other words not necessary. You see a lot of folks in that region were retired and therefore considered useless.

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