Will a New State be Born and Eastern Europe Re-Aligned? Russia Proposes Land Swap

Map of Russian Proposal

Territorial adjustments in Eastern Europe – The first proposal

Well now THIS IS VERY INTERESTING! THE 10 NATIONS FORMING??? Source is Warnews247. I translated it from Greek for your convenience.

According to the first Russian proposal:

“Russia can give Poland the territory of Galicia, which now belongs to Ukraine, in exchange for a transport corridor with Kaliningrad.

The special military operation launched in Ukraine is not only aimed at demilitarizing Ukraine, but also at solving the problems facing two Russian enclaves. 

  1. One problem is the complete blockade of the Russian enclave of Transnistria (part of Moldova)
  2. The second problem is the blockade of the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad.

The first problem can be solved relatively easily, with the defeat of the Ukrainian Army and its removal from the Black Sea region.

As for the second problem, we can try a compromise with Poland that will also serve its own national interests.

Land exchange

Why not resolve this issue peacefully?

Give Galicia and Bologna to Poland. The region will formally join the Republic of Poland under the “Crimean Scenario”, and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are relieved of the need to conduct military operations in Western Ukraine.

The restoration of order, the disarmament of the Territorial Defense Units will no longer be problems of Moscow, but of Warsaw.

In return, Poland gives us a land transport corridor in the Kaliningrad region. 

Indeed, land exchange is a perfectly normal international practice. In 1951 the USSR and Poland exchanged real land with a total area of ​​480 square kilometers. The problem is that Galicia and Bologna are still officially part of another but sovereign state of Ukraine. Moscow simply can not exchange them as its own with something from Warsaw.

However, there is still a realistic choice.

Russia could theoretically turn a blind eye to the entry of a Polish “peacekeeping force” into Galicia and Bologna, provided it disarms the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Ground Defense Units and accepts the region as part of its Republic. Poland.

In return, we are provided with an overland transport corridor to the Kaliningrad region via the Suwalki Corridor, where a railway line and an extraterrestrial motorway will be constructed.

The Great Breastfeeding – The Second Proposal

There is another solution, the Russians emphasize. To create a new European state. They specifically mention:

“The issue of Western Ukraine deserves special attention because it is the source and center of gravity of Ukrainian identity and nationalism. In fact, if there was to be a division of Ukrainian territory, it should have taken place in the west of the country, not in the pro-Russian east. In addition, there is a historical precedent for such secession, with the short-lived People’s Republic of Western Ukraine and the older Kingdom of Galicia-Lodomeria.

As the confederation may be unpleasant for a very large part of the Western Ukrainians, this region could be the basis for a new state: the Great Charter.

With Lviv as its capital, the Great Chalychaia would be free to find its destiny as a Central European state. Either as part of the EU, the Visegrad Group or NATO.

As a further incentive, Russia could support the transfer of land from the old Galicia to the new state, using the Kaliningrad enclave for exchange with the Poles.

Poland would be willing to lose its border with Russia while Moscow would be content with new borders on the Black Sea, Romania and the opportunity to reunite with the long-lost orphan Transnistria.

Such a redirection to the Carpathians also includes a part of Slovakia which is part of a Great Chalychia. Southern Slovakia wants to unite with Hungary, while Western Slovaks long for reunification with the Czech Republic. The solution is obvious.

Why Moscow is burning for Kaliningrad

The Kaliningrad region, which became part of the USSR after World War II, was surrounded by Poland and Lithuania, with no common land border with the rest of the Russian Federation. You can get there from the Baltic Sea or via Lithuania and Belarus.

The Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation is based in the Kaliningrad region, equipped with Caliber cruise missiles and Iskander-M ballistic missiles capable of hitting key NATO military installations. That is why it is a priority target for NATO in the event of an armed conflict with Russia. Judging by the exercises that the North Atlantic Alliance has been actively conducting in recent years around our enclave, the de facto blockade of Kaliningrad has already begun.

One of the first Western sanctions in response to the launch of a special military operation in Ukraine was to ban Russian airlines from using European Union airspace. Now, in order to fly to Kaliningrad from Moscow, our planes have to write a real “rocket” in the sky:

To fly through the Leningrad region and over the international waters of the Baltic Sea. Kaliningrad residents are protesting against the skyrocketing prices of airline tickets, which have become inaccessible to many.

At the same time, the situation with food prices has begun to deteriorate. It all started because of the sanctions imposed by Lithuania on the passage through Belarus, which also affected the Kaliningrad region.

Retailers had to move through Latvia, but “unexpectedly” there were problems with the software at customs, which led to many kilometers of traffic jams at the Latvian border. Source

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