DNR Forces Seize Ukrainian Installation Capable of Delivering Nuclear Strikes

DPR units captured Ukrainian 207-mm. Self-propelled guns capable of delivering tactical nuclear strikes.

On the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, a self-propelled artillery mount of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, caliber 207 mm, was captured. We are talking about self-propelled guns 2S7 “Pion”, which can be used to deliver tactical nuclear strikes, provided that artillery ammunition with a nuclear warhead is used.

In the presented photo you can see the successfully captured Ukrainian self-propelled artillery installation 2S7 “Pion”. There are relatively few of the latter in service with Ukraine, however, such weapons were developed in the USSR and adapted for delivering strikes using nuclear weapons. There are no nuclear weapons in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the caliber is 207 mm. capable of inflicting colossal destruction on almost any object.

According to official data for 2021, about a hundred self-propelled guns 2S7 Pion are in service with Ukraine, however, as a result of a military operation, the number of such could be significantly reduced. In addition, the use of such weapons creates significant problems due to the banal lack of ammunition, especially after the destruction of weapons depots and military infrastructure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
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