Here are some videos I found on Twitter that I will post down below along with what the Russian Foreign Ministry just said. Russia is approaching the point in its relations with the US beyond which there is no return.

UPDATE 2-26-22 I have more confirmation on this story from Translated from Russian for your convenience.

In Moscow and the Moscow region, they noticed the Topol-M strategic missile systems advanced in an unknown direction.

On the Moscow Ring Road, (and later in one of the districts of the Moscow region), the Topol-M strategic missile systems were seen moving in an unknown direction. This happened against the backdrop of a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry that Ukraine refused to conduct negotiations, which raised a number of questions about whether these strategic missile systems would be used in a special military operation in the Donbass.

At the moment, the fact remains unknown exactly where the Topol-M strategic missile systems advanced. At the same time, there are no official statements from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation on this matter either. Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the possible interference in the military operation of the West, which could become a safety net in case of an attack on Russia or its allies.

At the same time, given the fact that Russia is conducting military exercises in several regions, we can simply talk about conducting maneuvers.
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