Turkey has Deployed Hundreds of ISIS Fighters to Donbass Ukraine

ISIS in Ukraine

It appears that Turkey is not only sending their suicide drones to Ukraine but now it’s been discovered that they are sending proxy ISIS terrorists to the area to assist Ukraine. Here is more from avia.pro.

Pro-Turkish terrorists from Syria and Libya were found in Donbass.

Recent flights by Turkish aircraft to Ukraine are associated with the transfer to the Donbass of large detachments of militants and pro-Turkish terrorists from countries such as Syria and Libya. Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin confirmed the information about the deployment of jihadist fighters in the region.

Earlier, information was actively disseminated on the Web that Turkey was recruiting militants in Syria and Libya to be sent to Donbass. Information about this was confirmed by several strange flights to Ukraine. The exact number of militants sent to Donbass is not specified. We can talk about hundreds and even thousands of terrorists, moreover, the latter are supposed to be used to capture settlements and cities.

Militants from Libya and Syria were actively involved in the hostilities in the territory of Karabakh, and, quite likely, this time Turkey decided to provide assistance to Kiev in the form of sending its proxies to the Donbass.

To date, there is information that up to 200 American mercenaries, several hundred mercenaries from European countries (France, Poland, etc.), as well as militants from the Middle East, may be in the Donbass. Source

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