Everything is cocked and loaded!

The evacuation of US Embassy Staff in Ukraine has already begun, there’s no more talking to be had! Russia, The United States and NATO have nothing left to discuss except war! Now Hal Turner Radio is reporting that US Embassy staff are being evacuated as I’m typing this now.

The evacuation of US Embassy Staff and families from Ukraine is already underway!  An aircraft chartered by ((and flying under the auspices of) U.S..Transportation Command (Military) has landed at Kiev airport.  These planes are the ones sent to evacuate US State Department personnel during emergencies. This shows the US must already have information about a Russian entry into Ukraine, and is pulling out its Diplomats as fast as possible.

Russia and the USA had stated earlier that they may get together next week but it appears that won’t be necessary at this point. Now we also have reports about a “surprise” NATO Exercise that the USA suddenly decided to send an aircraft carrier group to participate in.

The nuclear-powered fleet aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman will take part in next week’s NATO exercise in the Mediterranean Sea dubbed “Neptune Strike ‘22,” the Pentagon has announced.

The 12-day exercise kicks off Monday and is supposed to “demonstrate NATO’s ability to integrate the high-end maritime strike capabilities of an aircraft carrier strike group to support the deterrence and defense of the alliance,” Pentagon spokesman John Kirby told reporters Friday.

Though the Truman and its strike group will be placed “under NATO operational control,” the overall command of the exercise will be in the hands of Vice Admiral Eugene H. Black III, who commands the US Navy’s 6th Fleet.

While the Pentagon and NATO said this was long planned, Neptune Strike” did not show up on NATO’s list of upcoming exercises, as of Friday afternoon. On Wednesday, the US mission to NATO said that the carrier was scheduled to take part in “Cold Response,” an exercise inside the Arctic Circle in early March.

That tells me that this exercise is nothing of the kind and is instead more preparations for the REAL THING! Stay ready, this could kick off at any time! Prayed up and prepped up!

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