The Biderman Report of 1956 and its Role in Shaping Covid Policies of Governments

A chart from the report showing how these techniques are being used today!

Back in 1956 The Biderman Report was published and it described the findings of Dr. Alfred D. Biderman M.A., or to give it the full citation: COMMUNIST COERCIVE METHODS FOR ELICITING INDIVIDUAL COMPLIANCE. Presented at a combined meeting of the Section on Neurology and Psychiatry with the New York Neurology Society at The New York Academy of Medicine, November 13, 1956 as part of a Panel Discussion on Communist Methods of Interrogation and Indoctrination. This report is based on work done under ARDC Project No. 7733, Task 77314, in support of the research and development program of the Air Force Personnel and Training Research Center, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

This is the primary report on communist brainwashing techniques used by the Chinese and North Koreans on captured American pilots and other military members to get false confessions and propaganda statements supporting the communists and against the UN Forces fighting them. It was, and to some extent still is, the core source for capture resistance training for the US Air Force and to some extent for the other services and has been since the late 1950’s. The techniques used in Korea worked to varying extents.

It’s not hard to see how these communist brainwashing techniques are still being used today as part of the core of their Covid brainwashing program. Here is the PDF file of the report.

These are the techniques you can expect to encounter if and when you get put into a FEMA or Covid camp. Many of us expected there to be a lot of PHYSICAL torture involved back in the Korean war and there was some of that, but it wasn’t as widespread as we have been lead to believe by our government and Hollywood. The techniques we see outlined such as long periods of standing at attention are far more effective and they aren’t considered “torture” in the legal sense.

This is a spiritual war first and foremost and if you aren’t sealed in the Holy Spirit you might give into these techniques where the objective will be to get you to take the vax/mark of the beast after a big war that is coming very soon. Steel yourselves now and press into God in prayer and in His word now more than ever! Time is short!



Here is an excellent breakdown of the Biderman Report:

What is Operant Conditioning?

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