President Trump Lies About Unvaccinated Deaths and his “Highly Effective” Vaccines

In an interview with Candace Owens, President Trump went on the record to promote vaccinations and repeated the mainstream media and government lies that it’s only the unvaccinated who are being hospitalized and dying. Sorry Mr. President but the FACTS show otherwise but since when do facts matter to a serial liar?

Remember that Trump is the self proclaimed “father of the vaccines” as he stated back in April 2021. In that same interview he also said that the pause on the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine was “a stupid thing to do” even though it’s now been proven that the J&J shot causes blood clots that lead to strokes, heart attacks, etc. Here is an article from Newsweek back in November confirming that J&J shot recipients were at least 4x more likely to have issues with clots.

Donald Trump is the Antichrist and he is promoting his mark and proclaiming himself to be the “father” of the vax/mark. Wake up. Here is the video.

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  • It’s not the Antichrist, who is the FIRST BEAST, who promotes his “mark”. It’s the SECOND BEAST, the FALSE PROPHET, who “causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to take a mark in their right hand, or forehead…”, Revelation 13. It’s the false prophet who also performs miracles, calling fire to come down from the sky IN THE SIGHT OF THE FIRST BEAST, which causes the world to worship the beast and his image, and take his mark. It’s by these lying signs and wonders performed by the false prophet that the world is deceived into worshipping the Antichrist and taking his mark. People are confused enough without you making statements about the Antichrist that contradict the word of God in the scriptures. While I agree that Trump is a Luciferian, making him AN antichrist, to call him THE Antichrist is also a contradiction of scripture. The Bible says the whole world will adore the Antichrist, and the whole world will WONDER (be of one mind) after the beast, saying “Who is like unto the beast, and who can make war with him?”. That’s not true of Trump at all. A whole lot of people despise Trump, and as he promotes the gene transfer injections, more people are realizing he’s a deceiver. Also, according to the scriptures, the mark & its consequences are final once you take it. How am I and the rest of those who refuse to take these bi0weapon injections still able to buy and sell since we refused to take what you say is the mark? There’s placebo injections being given, which is why 100% of deaths coming from injections comes from only about 5% of the vials distributed. Some of the vials have nothing but saline water in them, so they’re a placebo. There’s no placebo mark according to the scriptures. As a sister in Christ, I ask you to think about this contradiction to the word of God. I ask you to consider that the injections are only the operating system that’s preparing people’s bodies for the upcoming biometric digital l D social credit score, & “vax” delivery system, lD 2020, that everyone on earth will have to take in order to access the coming digital one world economic system, without which no one will be able to buy and sell, because they won’t be able to access the digital currency that replaces all former currencies world wide. The biometric l D will be implanted into the body, and it will track your every move, who you associate with, where you go, what you do, what you buy or sell, and even your bodily functions, so they can tell if you’re angry by your elevated heart rate, etc., and if this is elevated in response to your opposing what the one world gov’t does, that gives them cause to label you as a threat. Also, in the patent describing the technology for this biometric l D created by BiII Gates, it says if you attend religious services, you will receive a “stronger vax” and your social credit score will be lowered. I think it’s patent #002020060606. This biometric l D is what connects you at a cellular level to the internet of bodies connected to the internet of things, making those who take it a hybrid, the flesh humans (mirey clay) merged with the beast and technology (iron), fulfilling Daniel’s prophecy of the last kingdom being partially weak, because the flesh is weak God’s word says, and partially strong, because iron is strong, and iron also represents the Roman Empire in Daniel. They can also lock you out of the system via the biometric l D if you don’t obey the govt demands as though the govt of all the nations is some kind of god. That’s what I believe is the mark, because it agrees with scripture, and if you don’t take the digital l D, you will not be able to buy and sell since the only currency will be digital currency. It’s this biometric l D that’s the reason they want people getting used to taking “boosters” every few months, because the software must be updated, and the shots are a good cover for the updates. The shots themselves don’t connect you to the beast and his system, the biometric implanted digital l D will connect you though. That’s why I say the shots are only preparing society to accept what’s coming. We have to be sure we’re biblically sound in what we believe pertaining to the scriptures. Just my 2 cents. May Jesus bless you.

  • This is a good article on the coming biometric lD:

    Think about this, since the biometric lD monitors everything you do, it will identify who is worshipping the beast as commanded. That’s why those who refuse it will be killed, because they will have no way to monitor 24/7 the activities of someone who refuses it. The ones who receive the real injections now show up on Bluetooth, asking if you want to connect to them, but the biometric digital l D hasn’t been forced on the world yet, so there’s no way to connect to them, and the internet of bodies connected to the internet of things, until the biometric digital lD is implanted into people.

  • I’m Amazed at How Many Christians are Completely Oblivious to The Antichrist, Son of perdition, Will and has Deceived , Even the Elect , …. His Image was put on the Temple Money in Israel and They Call him , The King of Cyrus, And He’s Still in Control of world Shifting Events Taking Place Right Now….

    And he’s fixing to Step up On the World Stage
    Seen As the Answer to All the Problems of the world 🌍 …..
    He Said he is the Chosen One
    He Is the one who “” Authorized the…
    Sentient Artificial Intelligence””
    Which Is litteraly in Control of Shifting Wealth, Power and World Events…
    And So Much More….
    Christiana Accept him but Can’t See The Truth Brother 💯❤️🙏👍

  • One thing is Absolutely For Sure…..
    “”” We’ll Know…. Soon Enough!!! “”””
    Doesn’t Matter What Anyone Believes….
    No Reason to debate….
    We Are All Assured Of One Thing…..
    God’s Word Always Happens 💯❤️🙏👍
    And Be Sure You Know Jesus Christ As your Personal Savior 🙏

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