Food in Italy without the Vax or Food Pantry Line?

I came across this story on Twitter and while I did put it up on the YT channel I took it down and put it over here instead because of YT and their censorship lately. If they even THINK it’s about the mark of the beast and/or the vax then they will take it down and give me a strike.

Here is the Tweet, I will let you decide if this is what they’re telling us and you can’t get food any other way in Milan Italy without the jab or is it just another food pantry lineup? All I can do is report and let you guys decide on some of this stuff. Without being on the scene it is impossible to verify.

The Penalty for No Vax?

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  • Folks, Don’t Think that This Can’t happen Here in America….
    Do We See These Things being Reported???
    On Any Mainstream News??
    Great Deception indeed 💯
    This Is Coming to Our Town ,….
    Be Ready for Anything 💯❤️🙏

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