MORE EVIDENCE The Vax is the Mark of the Beast

The “Precursor” was the MASK! The Vax is the MARK!

This website has a TON of information regarding the Mark of the Beast and how it is the vaccine, it is not a precursor! On other videos and blogs we have shown you how it assembles inside of you and Dr. Carrie Madej has shown us the horrible monstrosities inside of the vax. Today I was sent another excellent video and accompanying PDF File with a TON of links to all kinds of videos on the vax and on the mark of the beast!

A shout out and thank you go to Julius from Creatrix 13 on Bitchute and also on YouTube. He has put together some really good work here and I would suggest you check him out! He is obviously wide awake and aware that this is the mark of the beast! Here is the video and the PDF File for you to download and share!

YouTube Link

There you go guys. This is a really good resource you can share with others and you can even print them out and pass them around! Time is short and it is time to act NOW!

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