Ignoring the Bible: The Top 3 Myths About the Antichrist

He is just “Biden” his time for now…

As you may or may not know I believe Donald Trump is the Antichrist. Many of you disagree with me and that’s fine but for me Revelation 13 and Daniel 7 describe Donald Trump as he is the only one who is brash and bold enough to declare himself god. There are plenty of examples of his blaspheme on display for you to watch on YouTube if you choose to look for them. When he declared himself the “chosen one” and compared himself to the “second coming of God to Israel” when he retweeted Wayne Allen Root’s comment about how much Jews in Israel love Trump. Click on the red letters for the proof.

The problem with the entire subject of the Antichrist is the fact that there are too many myths surrounding him. That’s where this video from Brother Paul comes in. In this video he takes on the 3 of the biggest myths or misconceptions about the antichrist. Most of these come from the dispensationalist gospel which includes the pre-tribulation rapture which is also untrue but I have already covered that subject ad nauseum so I won’t do it again here.

Here is the video and also a link to Brother Paul’s YouTube Channel Antichrist 45. He has a ton of great material on this subject so I highly suggest you check him out!

Many think Trump was kidding in the video clip below. I didn’t. I take blasphemy very seriously.

God bless and stay ready! 45 is coming back to the world stage at some point and probably soon.

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  • Agreed. Sadly I was one of the mans biggest supporters for a time. The strange thing is I was not a fan of politics until I heard a couple of Trumps speeches back in 2017. I truly felt I was personally bewitched by his message and fell for it hook, line, and sinker! I mean I had all my friends and family convinced this man was the best thing since sliced bread and would even wear that stupid MAGA hat everywhere I went. I have repented to God for my foolishness in thinking a man could ever deliver in any meaningful way. There is one who can and his name is Yeshua! Because I was so engrossed in politics for 4 years I personally feel I wasted so much time that could have been better spent seeking the Lord. I must testify that Brother Leeland’s videos were instrumental in waking me up from my slumber. I am thankful Johnny Storm is hosting Leeland’s content because if more just listen to his teachings they might be able to repent like I did. God bless!


    Henry Kissenger said it’s Obama back in 2000 Trump as is Biden are just puppets. Obama will be the next sectary General of the UN. After America falls.

  • Trump isn’t the Antichrist. Do you really think the Antichrist is going to have a family and kids? I’m pretty sure the Antichrist will be against having a family with kids. I’m 100% sure it’s NOT Donald Trump. I’m eyeing Macron or Obama. Both of those men have families. But I just think there’s something fishy with them.

    • You contradict yourself in your own comment. Derp!

    • Some eyes will never be opened. Trump may not be the antichrist, but the only clue that it may not be him is the fact that he is so very stupid. Evil reproduces. it is even arguable that in this current version of the world, having children is an act of selfishness and evil.

  • I thought the antichrist will come into the picture as a charismatic person like Jesus. He would mirror Jesus in a lot of ways, like his age, his manners, miracles, etc. That way folks will be deceived. Jesus was 33 so it’s not Trump.

    • He will be a man of “fierce countenance “ there’s nothing gentle about that at all. He will be vile as well. You are a prime example of who needs to stop watching the left behind movies and dust off your Bible and pray for revelation. You have been taught wrong. https://youtu.be/gg7IcGOAZ1g

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