New York Governor Wants Christians to be her “Vaccine Apostles” as she says many aren’t “Listening to God”

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As Covid vax’s became mandatory for healthcare workers and others in NYC and NY State, the Governor of NY Kathy Hochel was telling Christians to be “her vaccine apostles” and spread the word about the jab being “from God”.

I will let the video do most of the talking but to go with that story are the many protests in and around the state of NY and NYC itself. Thousands took to the streets last night (9-27-21) to protest the vaccine mandates that kicked in at midnight last night. Of course there was no mainstream media coverage as they continue to lie by pretending it didn’t happen. God bless and DO NOT TAKE THE JAB! IT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST!

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No Means No Protests

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  • Her god is Lucifer. My God is the creator of all things. She must be confused. Poor thing.

  • I don’t know if you heard of the patch that goes in the hand. This was created years ago with the luciferous in it. Well they’re starting to promote on msm as being easier than the injection in the arm to be put in the hand because they said it gets the vaccination in quicker into the system personally I believe that that is the mark. Because with the patch you easily be able to insert into the right hand or the forehead which the Bible specifically speaks about.

    • Yes but it’s not needed. Go look at the videos on the mark here on the website. It shows you that the graphene oxide combined with the nanotech assembles the chip inside of you using your bodies own iron to do so. That’s what people are scanning via bluetooth.

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