New Issues With Blood Donations, FDA Accidently Reveals List of Side Effects and More!

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There’s a new story that I received in my email this morning concerning a massive increase in blood clots from blood donors who have had the vaccines. The phlebotomist in the video said that this applies across the board to about HALF of those who have received the shots. In some cases the blood STOPS FLOWING and when the needle is pulled out a HUGE clot comes out with it! Here is the story from

See the rest in my video below!

Also the FDA has a slide making the rounds PROVING that they knew about the side effects of these shots BEFORE they were approved for emergency use! The list also notes “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children” as one possible outcome following vaccination. Why in the world are we even considering vaccinating children when we can clearly see the danger???

Last but not least today’s video will also show you Project Veritas’ latest video exposing the adverse reactions and how the government keeps covering it all up!

FDA Story

Blood Clot Story

Project Veritas


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