Cyprus “Safe Pass” Now Required for buying Groceries and Daily Life!

This morning Leeland Jones sent me this chart and the accompanying article regarding the situation on the Island nation of Cyprus, where Leeland lives now. This new “safe pass” is something that will be required everywhere as we now see in France for example. The non vaxxed will be blamed for the “delta variant” which is nothing more than the jabbed getting sick from the jabs and dying. The data is there for all to see yet it’s amazing how few have the eyes to see it. Below is my video on the subject.

No jab no grocery

Here’s more of the story from the Financial Mirror.

COVID19: Cyprus Safe Pass wherever you may go


Cypriots must carry a Safe Pass to go about their daily lives to shop, dine or work, announced Health Minister Michalis Hadjipantelas on Friday.

Announcing measures to stem a tide of infections driven by the Delta variant of coronavirus, Hadjipantelas said Cypriots will need a Safe Pass to go “anywhere but the beach and pharmacy”.

“A Safe Pass will be required at all locations outdoors or indoors where more than 20 people can congregate from July 20 until 31 July,” said Hadjipantelas.

The requirement also applies to banks, public transport, and government buildings.

To access hospitality, shops or other venues, people must carry proof of being vaccinated or recovered from the virus in the past six months or have a 72-hour negative coronavirus test. Read the rest of the story HERE.

The jab is the mark!

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