Tiffany Dover “The Fainting Nurse” Dead? USA Today Says That’s Fake News

Many of you will believe she’s alive because you just can’t fathom a government and media that would lie to you about everything, especially deaths by vaccines. Wake up they are lying to you nonstop. First up is my report, then below that is the video about Tiffany and her death not being reported.

My Report
Is Tiffany Dead?

Here is the bitchute link as well since the video I uploaded here is being messed with.

UPDATE 654PM Pacific Time! Here is another video showing more evidence she’s no longer alive.

The source materials are listed below.

More Casualties

Covid Theater

Immunity Passport Needed

No Exemptions

USA Today Says Tiffany Dover is Alive

“CHI Memorial Spokesperson Karen Long, Dec. 23, emailed statement.” They say that is proof of life as well as the Tweet. If you believe that I have oceanfront property in Bismarck ND to sell you.

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  • I have never taken even a flu shot. Other than my pre kindergarten and after birth immunization I have never taken another. There’s no Damn way ill EVER take the stab, especially knowing what happened with the lady in Astra zeneca trials, and knowing that it alters my God given DNA. I LOVE JESUS CHRIST AND WILL FOLLOW HIM UNTIL THE END

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