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Covid “Vaccine” Horror Stories Keep Coming in…Here are a Few You Can Share…UPDATED DAILY!

Remember Bill Gates Says 7 Billion of us Need to be jabbed!

The horror stories about the adverse reactions to these gene therapies called vaccines. Doctors and scientists (who are all being silenced) say that we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg and that the Month of May 2021 will be one to remember! Today I will share what I’m finding online and SOME of what’s being shared with me via email.

I plan on updating this post from time to time when I get more testimony from people so I will keep it posted to the main page for awhile and update it daily so we can preserve the records. Facebook and Twitter are deleting these types of posts and of course YT will never allow it so I will do what I can from here. God bless.

Here is another great resource for vaccine reactions! https://covidvaccinereactions.com/

I’m just going to start posting more links and updates as we go. Please keep checking back daily as I will put at least one more resource in per day.

Sons of Single Moms Has excellent material on the vaccines and adverse events.

Check out this video on the Pfizer vaccine! Are living cells/micro-organisms mixed in?


UPDATE 4-29-21 New website sent by a subscriber. https://nojabforme.info/

UPDATE 5-7-21 16 Year old DEAD following vaccine! 12-15 year olds are next! https://healthimpactnews.com/2021/16-year-old-wisconsin-girl-dead-following-2-doses-of-the-experimental-pfizer-covid-injections/


This one is from an email I received.

My wife Jerry went to her “massage therapist” today. Her name is Sara. She is a Christian. And while my wife was there today Sara was telling her about her neighbor next door. Her neighbor has a 39 year old son who was in the Marines. Well, because he was going on vacation he decided to get the Covid Vaccine shot the day before he and his wife went on vacation. Now remember that this young man was a healthy 39 year old Marine. The day he got the shot he started getting sick. By by the second day he told his wife “take me to the hospital!!!!!!!!” While in the hospital in ER. the nurse said “code blue.” Well that was too late…….HE DIED! Only after……TWO DAYS…..of taking this poisonous Covid vaccine.

Then she was telling my wife that she has a regular patient who comes in to get message therapy. She said that while this woman was there she told Sara that she already had an auto immune desease called….”Sjogren’s syndrome.” Well this woman got the covid shot and she said that she wished that she would have NEVER taken it. She told sara that she has become much worse and that she is sick all the time.

Sara also told my wife Jerry that she was in Walgreens store. When she went to the checkout the guy behind the counter said to her…”Did you get the Covid shot yet?” Sara told him…NO! She said he looked spooked and bewildered. He said to her…”are you going to get the Covid vaccine?” She said…NO! once again ( I personally would have told guy behind the count…..”Hey, It’s none of your damn business ). Well there were some other seniors in line, and when she stold the guy behind the counter that she was NOT going to take the Covid vaccine, then two other people inline said….”We wish the hell we had never taken this vaccine because we have been sick ever since.”

I am telling you what folks! Jails should be full right now of “big pharma CEO’s and medical doctor’s” who are covering up the real truth behind this genocide against the American public. They don’t care one iota if people are dying from this poison which they are injecting into people arms.

It Could Be Dangerous To Be Around Or Have Sex With Vaccinated People!!

I bet not many thought about the sex part when you have one spouse who has been jabbed and one who hasn’t. Check out that horror story!


More and more women are reporting massive bleeding during their menstrual cycles as well! Some women who have been post menopause for YEARS have suddenly started having their periods again and much heavier than ever before! Of course we’ve also seen many miscarriages already but of course the mainstream media continues to cover up for big pharma.

A Miscarriage
Wake up!
More Evidence of Shedding!

181 in U.S. Have died After Receiving the Experimental mRNA Vaccines Including Baseball Legend Hank Aaron

So far the deaths that have been REPORTED in the US as possibly related to the mRNA experimental vaccines stands at 181, including the death of a 2lb 7oz infant who died a few days after the mother received the shot! Remember the UK said that pregnant women or those who want to get pregnant should NOT take these vaccines, while the FDA in the US said oh it’s fine go right ahead!

Keep in mind that fewer that 1% of adverse events with vaccines even get reported to the FDA, so the numbers are probably quite a bit higher! Families have had to struggle to get doctors to even look at the possibility the vaccine killed their family member, so we will never know how many have died from the vaccines.

The Stasi secret police from East Germany are alive and well in Chancellor Angela Markel’s Germany as Mayors encourage children to snitch on “mask science deniers” and Merkel sets up prisons for quarantine violators. It’s all below in my latest video! The source articles will be listed below the video as always.

Californian Dies Within Hours

Germany Opens Jails

Stasi Alert!

181 Dead in USA

Hank Aaron Dies

Tiffany Dover “The Fainting Nurse” Dead? USA Today Says That’s Fake News

Many of you will believe she’s alive because you just can’t fathom a government and media that would lie to you about everything, especially deaths by vaccines. Wake up they are lying to you nonstop. First up is my report, then below that is the video about Tiffany and her death not being reported.

My Report
Is Tiffany Dead?

Here is the bitchute link as well since the video I uploaded here is being messed with. https://www.bitchute.com/video/dbZekM6E6aQG/

UPDATE 654PM Pacific Time! Here is another video showing more evidence she’s no longer alive.

The source materials are listed below.

More Casualties

Covid Theater

Immunity Passport Needed

No Exemptions

USA Today Says Tiffany Dover is Alive

“CHI Memorial Spokesperson Karen Long, Dec. 23, emailed statement.” They say that is proof of life as well as the Tweet. If you believe that I have oceanfront property in Bismarck ND to sell you.

Tennessee Nurse Has Reaction On Camera Minutes After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine

Big Pharma was warned time and again about the autoimmune response these new vaccines would generate, creating much more damage and harm than good. They did not listen. They have been given immunity from lawsuits and criminal prosecution so now the public are the lab rats. Below is the video I made and the sources I used to make it. Please share this post far and wide so we can help people avoid this mark of the beast poison! More to come soon!

The first video is of the nurse passing out at the press conference. The video below is the main story I did on the nurse and of course the reasons for the autoimmune responses and severe reactions. Those include nanotech that changes your programming for very nefarious purposes! Once again please share this post with anyone considering getting this vaccine!

TN Nurse Passes Out!

Last but not least is the podcast version on Spotify. Links to sources are below. God bless and stay ready!

Nurse Passes Out

Covid Vaccines Contain Deadly Epitopes

Covid Vaccine History

Bitchute Channel

How Vaccines Wreck Human Immunity Book


What it looks like

It appears we have MORE ADRs that Pfizer and the FDA say had little or nothing to do with their new vaccines for Covid19. Of course the FDA would say that, they’re a rubber stamp for big pharma in this and other drugs that end up killing and injuring thousands every year! Now the FDA is advising Pfizer to monitor their patients long term for signs of Palsy being a regular adverse reaction (ADR). The video I made on this and other important vaccine news can be found in my video on bitchute below.

As of press time the video was still processing but it can be found here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/1YFciDYDvb21/

Bells Palsy Story

What’s NOT being said about Pfizers vaccine

Channel Support

UK issues allergy warning about Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine after patients fall ill

Well that didn’t take long. Now we know why the UK needs a separate AI system to keep track of all of the reactions and death to these new vaccines!

So how many of you still want to roll up your sleeve? Don’t take this shot, it’s a bioweapon and NWO tracking system!


Share this video and post with everyone you love or care about! The ONLY reason we know about this is because of her gofundme page to pay for medical costs because Pfizer told her to pound sand.

You can donate to her gofundme HERE.

I mirrored this video from YouTube channel knowjesusknowpeace. You can find him by CLICKING HERE.

Altering Your Genetics