Building Back Better! Canadian Prime Minister Says We Need to Take Advantage of Covid19 Crisis and go Straight to Communism

Build back better and no jab no pay are two of the NWO’s newest slogans and they’re telling you the future in these speeches by Trudeau and others. Here are the stories in their entirety.

Build back Better
Fauci Loves His new Super Powers

CDC Testing Standard Doesn’t Exist:

Fauci Knew The Truth about Bogus Tests in July:

Canadian PM tells you the future:


  • I heard this speech. I felt all Canadians should line up and wait for those buses to take them to those camps. We are in so much trouble.

  • i know it totally serious but i cant help but laugh rn cuz what i see is a bunch of spoiled and hallirously drunk on power people who are racing off a steep cliff. i really do hope people ant as enslaved as these drunks are to the wine of illusion of power, next Exodus plz one from the hygailen delicts drunk on power.

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