Today I’m sharing a video from Leeland Jones who came up with some excellent information on this subject! The “God Gene” video isn’t a hoax, they’ve been working on eliminating this gene since 1917! Once again nothing new under the sun.

I’m sharing the video here instead of on my main YouTube channel because it may get taken down and I want to preserve the information. Plus it could result in another guidelines strike due to the nature of the information. Sadly we are not firmly in the era of big brother and the extreme censorship of anything that goes against the mainstream narrative.

VAXing Spirituality

You can find Leeland Jones’ channel HERE with a TON of video on this and many other end time subjects! Below are the links he provided in the video description.

FunVaxDoc: Frequency Mind control: Funvax VMAT2 God gene Part 1: Part 2: PDF of FunVax Documents:… Mark of the Beast:…

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