BANNED FROM yt! German report says covid-19 was a global false alarm

This is the video that was removed from YouTube today, 6-9-20. It was removed for many reasons but here are two of the biggest. First it goes against the mainstream narrative but secondly it was gaining views in spite of their attempts at shadow banning, changing the view count, etc. I have now uploaded the video here so it can be viewed outside of their control. God bless and keep sharing these with one another and keep praying for one another!

UPDATE! I forgot to leave a link to the post. To read it in it’s entirety just CLICK HERE!

Banned from YT


  • Thank you

    • Great work, thank you. Global Research is a solid resource. I am thankful I have been bookmarking alt media sites for long enough to have a good selection, as google has long ago succumbed to censorship, so unless one has links to the sites and can access them independent of search engines, there is no way to find the content.

  • COVID-19… the excuse to stop demonstrations

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