Pastor Chuck Baldwin Exposes Ben Shapiro

This has to be my most censored video to date. I shared Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s video exposing Ben Shapiro (who may believers admire) as a Christ denier and WOW! I’ve never had so many comments, messages, etc telling me that it wouldn’t load, comments were being deleted and more.

Because of that I’ve uploaded the video in it’s entirety here on the website. Yes they censor the website as well and you have to ask yourself why? Why censor such a small channel? It’s because we are over the target. Enjoy the video and please share it with everyone you know that still believes in Mr. Shapiro. Also please consider supporting the channel/site. We are totally crowd funded and we plan on sticking around until the end. God bless and stand firm!

The most censored video yet!

You can find Pastor Chuck Baldwin and his videos/columns at this link

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