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Main YouTube Channel Down for 2 Weeks for “Community Guidelines Strike”

THE MAIN CHANNEL WILL BE DOWN UNTIL JUNE 23RD! Make sure and bookmark the website because this will be our main outlet from here on out! I will only be posting links back here on YT. God bless!

Censorship is alive and well on YouTube. All I did was make a 30 second video telling you about a new post here on the website and BOOM, strike 2! One more strike and we’re gone for good so make sure to bookmark the website here and the telegram and backup channels.

You can support this ministry and keep us on the internet using the links below.  Patreon is gone so we have PayPal and Cash App left to us below.  We have also added a new monthly support option through the website.  That link is below as well.  Thank you again and God bless!

Monthly Support Option: https://dontspeaknews.com/donations/

PayPal Link: https://paypal.me/johnnystorm

Cash App ID: $jstorm212

Main Channel Will Be Back Tomorrow

The main YouTube channel will be up and running again tomorrow after a 2 week suspension. The videos there from now on will be short and to the point and most likely directing you back here. If it’s anything to do with the Coronavirus it will be HERE so make sure and bookmark this website!

YouTube is purging any and all channels including controlled opposition channels. How long mine stays up is anyone’s guess but I have left it in God’s hands as always. The serenity prayer comes into play here because I have no real control over the situation, all I can do is report the truth when I find it but now YouTube won’t let us air it anymore. What is impossible with men is always possible with God, Matthew 19:26.

We did fall short on the fundraiser so the website expansion will have to wait. We are at 50% capacity now and that will grow fast with more videos. I may go back to a daily podcast with audio only to save space on the site, I will have to pray for a solution on that issue as well.

That’s it for now, see you back on the main channel soon!


The New Channel is LIVE at brand new tube!


I have opened up a new channel on Brand new tube! I will be posting videos there and to the back up channel for now but if this works out I will eventually move everything over here. YouTube is going down eventually and I still can’t access the main channel with my computer.

Here is the LINK TO DONT SPEAK NEWS AT BRAND NEW TUBE! I hope to see you all over there now and in the near future! I will keep trying new things like this and in the meantime let’s pray it’s a viable alternative because we sure need one!

Pastor Chuck Baldwin Exposes Ben Shapiro

This has to be my most censored video to date. I shared Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s video exposing Ben Shapiro (who may believers admire) as a Christ denier and WOW! I’ve never had so many comments, messages, etc telling me that it wouldn’t load, comments were being deleted and more.

Because of that I’ve uploaded the video in it’s entirety here on the website. Yes they censor the website as well and you have to ask yourself why? Why censor such a small channel? It’s because we are over the target. Enjoy the video and please share it with everyone you know that still believes in Mr. Shapiro. Also please consider supporting the channel/site. We are totally crowd funded and we plan on sticking around until the end. God bless and stand firm!

The most censored video yet!

You can find Pastor Chuck Baldwin and his videos/columns at this link

Who Really Censors the Internet?

It Isn’t Google

So is it Google, YouTube or Facebook or is it someone else, maybe a NATION STATE that is censoring videos that get us the truth?

In the video below you’ll see who it is and how it’s done. I left this video unlisted for now because it keeps getting pulled off of YouTube or it gets age restricted. You deserve to know the TRUTH of who and what is behind the extreme censorship of everything we read/watch today. God bless and stay vigilant.

Anchor FM Podcast Is Back Up and Running!

You can also find the podcast on most of the main apps including Apple, Spotify, Google, Sticher and more! This is the audio only version of the show and since the YouTube channel can get deleted at any time, this will be one way to still get the word out! Click HERE to listen in or download the Anchor.FM app at iTunes or Google Play.